what should i do about the itchy bumps around my new tattoo??

by Guest6785  |  12 years, 8 month(s) ago

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jus got the tattoo 5 days ago and now itchy red bumps are appering waht do i do to get rid of them..i've been using a+d ointment

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  1. Laura Thompson


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  2. jane
    you may be allergic to the ointment. However this happend to me, and it turns out I wasn't allergic after all, I was simply applying too much cream, and therefore my pores became blocked. Either change ointment or simply use less. Or both. Applying too much means your skin is unable to breath, and this bumps are your body trying to get rid of the thick layer or ointment. This can also result in color loss.

    Hope it helps.
  3. Guest8036
    don't get tattooed
  4. Guest2324
    i got two new tattoos 6 days ago on my lower stomach.The day before yesterday i started to see red bumps around my tattoos and on my stomach. There ichy and have yellow heads on it i use a&d ointment an sometimes wash it with antimicrobial liquid soap. what is it and how do i treat it!?
  5. Guest6706
    i just got this tattoo like 6 mnths ago n there are itchy little bumps underneath of the ink what could they be n how do i get rid of them
  6. Guest4437

    this happened to me also and i tried using benadryl cream. i have red lips on my neck and they started to bumb up and within a day or so after using the cream the bumps started to go away. A&d ointment wont help fix the problem it only made my situation worst 

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