what the felling of girl first night of shade

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what the felling of girl first night of shade

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  1. amomipais82
    There was no sound except of mine and Karan’s as we were packing. I took all the necessary things and clothes which were my favorite. But I didn’t have time to choose as I wanted as we had to leave early, He also helped me and finally after I freshened up we left. House was empty and silent we both were trying our best not to make noise, we were afraid that if we made one slight noise the entire house would wake up. I was feeling like a girl sneaking out with her boy friend but the reality was I was sneaking away with my husband. Out it was very cold I tightened the jacket around me there was a small Red car waiting for us. Luggage was kept and then we were seated, I had noticed the card was empty so there was no driver. As soon the car started nice breeze was coming in, it was dark but I was able to see because of the moonlight. Moonlight was giving a different glow to the sight; I was in the front seat with a blanket spread over me. I cannot bear windows closed so it was open little bit and making car atmosphere cold; I remembered the time I had left from Mumbai to our native place. Then and now were different for me, I heard the songs and glanced at Karan he had put the CD and that too my favorite songs. The night, music, breeze was making me sleepy. In moments I was asleep also.

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