what was the closest world cup match between Pakistan and West Indies?

by Guest6602  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I want to know that if ever there was a close world cup encounter between Pakistan and West Indies or have they been one sided matches.

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  1. Guest8412
    It was October 16, 1987 when Pakistan had to face West Indies in their world cup group match. Pakistan had never won a world cup match against West Indies before this one. Chasing a modest total of 217 runs, Pakistan looked in deep trouble after losing 9 wickets for just 207 runs with only 1 over and 1 wicket left. The match as expected, went down to the wire with Pakistan needing 10 runs of the last three balls. Then came a brave batting display by the Pakistani leg spin legen Abdul Qadir who clinched the match from the mighty West Indian jaws and Pakistan winning the match by only 1 wicket.

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