what was the score for the 1st quarter alabama vs tennessee

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what was the score for the 1st quarter alabama vs tennessee

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    1st Quarter 6:28: After an all too impressive drive by Alabama to open the game concluded with a field goal, the Vols responded by going three-and-out. The Tide helped the Vols out as the Alabama punt returner forgot fair catches were legal. The punt was sky high, and the Vols forced a fumble which they recovered on the five. They were only capable of adding three points on a Daniel Lincoln field goal. Field goals won't beat Alabama on this night.

    1st Quarter 3:43: Both teams trade punts on their second possessions. The Vols were impressive on defense forcing a three-and-out by the Tide and getting some pressure on John Parker Wilson on third down. It's also noteworthy Nick Stephens completed a second down pass to Eric Berry. The message boarders should feel their mission is accomplished. Tennessee must establish the run if they want to win this game.

    1st Quarter 0:21: Alabama was impressive again but stalled once they were well on the Volunteer side of the field. Another Leigh Tiffin field goal was the end result. The Vols took a shot deep to Austin Rogers on the first play of their next drive. Someone explain to me what makes sense about that. Vols go three-and-out and need a defensive stop to hang around in this one.

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