what you have solution to set all the problems of Pakistan ?

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what you have solution to set all the problems of Pakistan ?

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  1. Guest8000

     The only solution to solve out all the problems of Pakistan is Islam. Islam is the gifted religion to us so we need to follow Islam instead of west. All these problems arose after Pakistan started to follow West instead of Islam. 

    Islam has got solution to all the problems of humanities and even beyond the limits of humanities. 

    When initially Islam was spreading the main reason for the vast spread was that those people were having exemplary behavior and influenced others. But now you can better think about the behavior of people living in Pakistan. 

    If our politicians start their parties by opening a bottle of vine than there would never be any solution. Its not Islam, they are totally deviated so we need a change. We need to start on with this change from our self only than we can fix the issues. Else there won't be any thing left in this world except the name of Allah. 

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