whats justin bieber's real email adress?

by Guest6784  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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So i can email him, im a fan! what other reason is there, im not going to stalk him like the other crazi chicks.. or dudes!

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  1. Guest9232
    Ok some of you are pathetic,like I said before he is really just another pretty face. I would love to meet this kid, but it seems like he has better things to do. If you really cared Justin, then why not talk to us. I just turned 15, and he just turned 16 I would like to meet you. Mines march 27th and his is march 1st were perfect!

  2. Guest454
    i have no idea!!!
  3. Guest9792
    i dont know but i really like justin bieber im his #1 fan
  4. Guest8178
    shoot man! dont no
  5. Guest343
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