whats the fastest way to develop your nba player on nba 2k10

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whats the fastest way to develop your nba player on nba 2k10

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    NBA 2K10 features a host of new additions and a return of a few problems as well. The first welcome change is the new menu system. It is a lot easier now to navigate around the menu and find exactly what you’re looking for. The menu in NBA 2K9 got messy at times and we are glad to report that this was fixed in the new game.

    Before, during and after every game you will notice how the players seem more “alive”. The players will joke around before the tip off, throw around hugs and shake hands. Team mates will clown around and the stars will be highlighted with the latest real life stats. If Kobe just dropped 50 points against the 76ers, 2K10 will let you know before the next game starts. The presentation is just great. The players look a lot better overall but there is still room for improvement. It also seems like the developers improved the already great animations in the game. Lay-ups on the fast break especially look really realistic.

    On the negative side of the presentation though, you have the pathetic slowdowns. Playing the game mainly on the Xbox 360, we were utterly disappointed with the amount of slowdown the game brought to the table. After playing in nearly every court, it was clear that the slowdown occurs in a handful of stadiums. Don’t, I repeat DON’T try playing away against the 76ers. It seems like my favorite team features the slowest arena of them all. The terrible slowdown mainly occurs when running on the fast break or posting down low. The frame rate can get so bad that the ball is in your hand one second and inside the basket the next. A real disappointment when talking about such a great franchise, and hopefully a promised patch can fix this soon.

    Walking away from the presentation, the gameplay remains nearly the same. The new play calling system is very useful and gives you many options running down the court. The turbo system has completely changed as well. How fast and how long you can run is now directly linked to a turbo bar that goes down based on your stamina. This will help you manage your player’s minutes over the whole game. Other then that the shooting and passing is identical and whoever mastered 2K9 will have no trouble with this one.

  2. Guest761
    make sure your teamate rating stays A+ all the time in the begging. it will give you 900 skill points a game for this. thats the best way to boost your players abilities. My Player Is A PG and i focused on mostly assists the whole game. and scored maybe twice. so i was averaging 4-5 points and 10 assists. Now I Play For The Magic and I score at will averaging 25 Points and 8 assists. with only a rating of 68
  3. Guest984
    Use MOST of your points for Offensive and Defensive Awareness!!!!!  That'll get your rating high and really help your player
  4. Guest8226
  5. Guest2334
    It depends on what your player is. For someone like a C, PF, or posting SF, you want to focus on increasing you Vertical, Off/Def Awareness, Consistency, and Post shooting. My player is a 6' 11" PF who is a 53 overall bench player for the Mavericks, but I average 16 pts and 10 reb a game by focusing on those categories. Also you need to get at least an 'A' rating in games. You can do this by trying to get assists, taking 'good shots' (for big guys that means posting up near the paint), and stealing. I have a 40 steal but since I guard the inbound pass I can just rapidly press the steal button until they inbound it. Every other game I tip the ball or actually steal it and pass for a quick layup (that always jumps my grade by a full letter).
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