whats the requirements to get into nascar?

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whats the requirements to become a nascar driver?

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  1. Kuljit Grewal

      Becoming a NASCAR driver can be considered a lifelong task as most drivers who have the chance to make it that far begin their driving careers locally at ages as young as 4. NASCAR drivers are for the most part American as that is where the required racing infrastructure exists.

    Driving locally is not enough as one must excel in order to be recognized and considered for advancement. Such advancements will eventually lead to a chance at competitive racing. If you prove your mettle as a competitive driver, a sponsor may one day come knocking to allow you the opportunity to race for their team. This is what is needed to compete on the Sprint Cup circuit.

    Beyond this, the physical demands of racing require that you be in incredible physical shape. The conditions are hot and impactful. Also, more than ever before being articulate and well-spoken or educated is a huge bonus. Sponsors are seeking drivers that represent themselves and the brand well and having that type of background is no hinderance.

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