whats your phone number justin bieber i wont tell any one i promise

by Guest6864  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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whats your phone number justin bieber i wont tell any one i promise

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  1. Guest1208
    I know justin's #.

  2. Guest3524
    i found his number on the internet and he wont pick up when i hear him talk in his voicemail........................some day he will pick up for me?!?!?!
  3. Guest9227
    if you know the number tell me i can keep a secret especialy for my 1 crush
  4. Guest31
    me phone number why ? okey she is :
  5. Guest7745
    i want 2 ask u a qeustion.can i have ur # ? i cross ma heart i wont tell anyone.
  6. Guest7269
    i love u
  7. Guest7052
    it is 404-665-3410
  8. Guest3161
    is it really who has tried it and its worked?
  9. Guest5891
  10. Guest3153
    His number is 404-260-1318 But dont tell him that i  told u....
  11. Guest4501
    His number is 404-665-3410
  12. Guest5077
    im telling you it is 1404=665=3410 i called him. p.s. i dont think you guys are his cousins ya right i am a kid and i know!!!
  13. Guest3663
    its 404-665-3410 i really called him omg
  14. Guest5437
    ok now people are all going arnd tllin fake #'s of celebs like jaden smith and justin beiber they say justins number is 404-665-3410 just shut up if you dont what you takin about because u r gettin pls hopes up then when they call it says the numbers out of service so wat eva.ill be famous one day.
  15. Guest3906
    hello justin i want to know what is your phone nunmer
  16. Guest8609

    all of these numbers are fake really ppl just dont tlk if ur lieing noone knos his numba so stop trying so hard

  17. Guest8839

    i  called justin bieber and his voice came up and iam trying to leave a voice mail message but i don"t know how so does anyone knows how to leave a voice mail message to him when his voice came out >>>>>>> please help me anyone .......... :(  iam trying to contact justin bieber please help me .

  18. Guest3823

    justin i want tell ether.

  19. Guest1522

    justin i promise i wont tell any one please tell me your cell phone number?

  20. Guest3807

    i love justin bieber i really wont his number so my little girl can hear him i told my little girl tha i was ur bigges fan and she said she wont to be just like me ................... so i let her listen to ur song and guess wat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she love it and she said u was cute lol but my birthday is coming in june 1 i will  be 18 CANT WAIT YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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