when is justin bieber coming to dubai

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when is justin bieber coming to dubai

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  1. Guest9594

  2. Guest3846
    i wish that he can come i want him to come to dubaii thats my dream :[ bring him where r all bieber fans in dubai?? where?? :( when u tell me when ??
  3. Guest3972
    yaa i think justin don't kno dubai ????? i don't think his not gona come to dubai noura\
  4. Guest7509
    idk but i wish he'll come someday
  5. Guest1765
    i wish i am from dubai and i want him to come that's my dream i luv him where are all of his fans in dubai ? and we have to do somthin to bring him here ya we must do :{
  6. Guest2096
    im  a 13 year old living in dubai im a boy andi want him to come to dubai PLS JB where are u man and most people in dubai do know JB but they think that He wont come in Dubai so all we can do is tell our friends to join up goto AND DEMAND FOR IT
  7. Guest5226
    hi justin if you could read this message when are you coming to dunai some people love you and you dont know them so please come i liked you on facebook because you cant add me you instead i liked you . we love you .
  8. Guest2675
    When is he coming?? I cant wait, im a HUGE fan of his, he's such an inspiration! Justin, WE NEED U HERE IN DUBAI! people go demand it!
    He does have a world tour coming up, he's taking over many places, im pretty sure he'll be here soon! hopefully D:
  9. Guest437
    When is he coming?? I cant wait, im a HUGE fan of his, he's such an inspiration! Justin, WE NEED U HERE IN DUBAI! people go demand it!
    He does have a world tour coming up, he's taking over many places, im pretty sure he'll be here soon! hopefully D:
  10. Guest5804
    If you REALLY want him here then go demand it, the more signatures the more chances of him coming here, soo hurry! Huge beliebers here in Dubai :)
  11. Guest6733
    hi my name is renad i love justin bieber
  12. Guest5548
    guys he is going to c*m in febuary okay  but thats 4 mounths away grom now so u might not wanana get so excited or u will expload
  13. Guest6153

     He is coming on december of jan or february!

    I noe the REAL JB, and i asked him, he told me tht

    soooo yeh, if u dont believe then ur choice!


  14. Guest1685

    seriosly people my freinds dad nows and she said that her dad can take her to a justin beiber consert OMG isent that so awsem

  15. Guest6731

    I love @justinbieber i'm from u.a.e i'm huge #FAN love love kiss kiss<3<3

  16. Guest9081

    justin bieber will go to Ferrari Wrold - and then he come to UAE and make a concert

  17. Guest6466

     guys celebs always go to dubai. emaratins have a HUGE chance that justin is going there, but kuwait is the place that we really want him to go to

  18. Guest4610

     i really think that justin should come to qatar although i hate him but everyone around me is addicted to him :)

  19. Guest1586

    i wish justin will come to dubai he is so cool i love him so much .....

    he is so quite and my dream is to see him .....................................

    • if u want to make for me add in the facebook her it is ( tanoona satti )

    and this is my e-mail (

    with my love tasneem

  20. Guest6920

    Hi everyone! Im Justin Bieber sorry but I might not make it to Abu Dhabi thanks everyone you've all been great fans! I'll try to make it and if I do it'll be around February

  21. Guest9234

     We really want him to come .. dubai is amazing city ! and i hope he can come !

    i want to say that my mum dont let me go to his concert if he come ... but i want him to come cuz there is anouther girls like him so much soo i want them to have fun in his concert and i well be crying in my room so ... umm nvm ... HoPe He CoMe :D

  22. Guest5136

    justin bieber have to come to dubai,cuz dubai is somewhere like america,it have the biggest tower in the world and there are lots of tourists in there,if he dont come to dubai he will loose his popularity cuz all celeb have to go around world or rather than that  they will loose their popularity,so im telling u he will come maybe it takes a little time but he will come.

  23. Guest3957

     hey sup jb can u come to dubai not abu dhabi  cuz itz kinda far  im a really   big fan  so i really hope u can come when ur not busy please :) from fatma ali to jb wid all luv lol :) :) please replay :p 

  24. Guest2905

    i wish u can come to uae!!! lots of celebs come to abu dhabi to ferari world and if u dont come iwill hate u and then u will lose three fans cause my friends to and u dont want tht so wen u comin !!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????


  25. Guest2854

     people dnt say to justin bieber dat if he dosent come u will hate him like he has a life people he isnt jst a singer he is a human jst like u  wen he isnt busy he might come dnt think dat he dosent want to come he is jst a bit busy itz not like ur da only fans in da world there r 1000 of  fans soo dnt act like dat itz not nice he has to go to other few places nd den he might come by to dubai or abu dhabi  i hope  :) 

  26. Guest3512

    from jasmine to justin bieben  i want to say that plz come to dubai cause everwhere in dubai there are fan of u where i live is a bit far from dubai i will surely come and give how much money u want i promise i dubai your album is 100 dhs but i bought all of them because i love u so much plllzzz come to dubai there are about a million fans in whole uae of u love u justin bieber

  27. Guest1259

     your coming to dubai on 28 \2 \2011 in the mall of the emarits right plz come thiers like 10000000000000 people who like u


    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come lana


  28. Guest8529

      is he coming to emarites mall ? please tell me if he is thnx :) if like your 100 percent sure :P

  29. Guest8488

    justin please come i am your BIEBER FEVER #1 my dream is to meet you please come to dubai I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE COME  i want to meet you i really really adore but please come to dubai


  30. Guest5245

    i hope so !!!!!!!!!!

  31. Guest4721

    we luv u justin bieber plz come iam ur #1 fan!!!!!!!!!

  32. Guest5267

    comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nowwww i orderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr u

  33. Guest1934


  34. Guest7538

     by da way guyz usher is comin to dubai in dubai media city thursday 2011  10 march !!! but justin isnt comin wid him :( 

  35. Guest7606

     he is coming to dubai festival city in march 11

  36. Guest7342

    they say he is coming with usher , on march 10

  37. Guest2727

    <3 u justin plzzzzzzzzz dnt c*m on march 10th                                                                         cause ma examzzz will b dere                                                                                                        c*m on march bt after 12th <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> u JB


  38. Guest2772

    Justin i am your no 1 fan i love u. My aim is to meet u. pls do comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Guest5269

     hey JB cud u plzzzz plzz plzz come to dubai?? well i kno tht ur prbably tired from all ur other performances (trust me i kno how u feel) but i rlly want u to come to dubai i want to meet u coz i've never been to any conserts of yours... i <3 u sooo much ....

    p.s im not saying tht i'm ur biggest fan becoz theres no point in doin tht i mean many girls hav already said tht... so..... cud u TRY to come atleast???

    Rachel Charles         

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