whens bloons tower defence 5 coming out PLZ i need to know

by Guest7708  |  12 years, 1 month(s) ago

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PLZ tell me

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  1. Guest5723

     may 2011

  2. Guest5668

    they said it was supposed to come out early 2011 but obviously didnt.   they will probably soon.


  3. Guest6848

     Bloons tower defense 5 is an out standing game and i am very much regular player of the game. It was said that the new version of the game will be released during the start of 2011 and now we had half passed through April and there is still no sign of the game. 

    Well now i think we have to wait till more three four months because there are no words from the development team up till now. They do told that the game is under the testing stage but i think it was not in the testing stage at that time. Now it might be in testing stage and they i think would have rendered some serious issue in the testing. 

    for these reasons there might be the possible delay in the release. But now it would not be long and soon it will be out in market after 3 months of time. 
  4. Guest5129


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