whens jeydon wales birthday?

by Guest3792  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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  1. Guest9871
    His birthday is september 28 and he will be turning 19.

  2. Guest9267
    Its on October 2 he says it on one of hes videos.!
  3. Guest8716
    I want to know when jeydon wales b-day is I dont know a lot about his sooo can people tell me more about him I just figuared him out like a few days ago
  4. Guest755
    OCtober 2,1992
  5. Guest3969
    when is is cause im hearing all these other answers in october and september???
  6. Guest5887
    Wow, who said September 28??? Its October 2nd. He posts a few videos on youtube saying his birthday
  7. Guest1504
    october the 2nd he really hot! and yer thats all thank you and  bye
  8. Guest1725
    omg who came up wit septembr 28th? ps he is turnin 20! hes so hawt. man i wanna tap dat! ;P ps, if ur readin this jeydon, love th lip piercing. its hot. ur so talented dude. txt 5052159175
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