where do i enter my code

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help i dont know how to put the code in and where at

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  1. Guest4628
    How do I connect the internet to the Wii with "password or key"?

  2. Guest7589
  3. Guest6775
    were do i type in code
  4. Guest2214
    where do i enter my code
  5. Guest881
    why don't those A holes have a site that just says enter code? dum dum dum dum
  6. Guest6290 with your disc in your wii.your wii   turned on and connected to the internet. then at the bottom of screen at it will say already have wii disc, that is where u enter the code given to u by the disc.
  7. Guest725
  8. Guest3030
  9. Guest6905
    I need to know where i to enter my Wii code?
  10. Guest9175
  11. Guest6255
    i don't know
  12. Guest7461
    Here I will tell you something that is a trick to get it all for free.
    If you have a DSI then type the code on the back on here.

    If you don't then type your wii code at the bottom of your wii onto here.

    If you do both then you get netflix on DSI and free games
  13. Guest824
    where do yu put code
  14. Guest4854
  15. Guest1922
  16. Guest7461
    where do i enter my code
  17. Guest9680
    Where do I enter my code?
  18. Guest9271
    where do i put the code num.
  19. Guest9397
  20. Guest8065
    Where do I enter my code
  21. Guest2370
  22. Guest1367
  23. Guest6636
  24. Guest9986
  25. Guest7336
  26. Guest7126
  27. Guest6543
    Where do I enter my cide
  28. Guest4796
    where do I enter my netflix cide
  29. Guest2203
  30. Guest3205
  31. Guest8757
    where do i enter my code
  32. Guest7192
  33. Guest1611
    where do I enter my code HGPM
  34. Guest4145
  35. Guest3976
    where do i put in code
  36. Guest9627
  37. Guest7419


  38. Guest3056


  39. Guest6506

    where do i enter my wii code to


  40. Guest5749


  41. Guest5491

    where do i put in my code


  42. Guest5714

    install code?

  43. Guest1313

    install code?

  44. Guest4402

    yall aint giving no d**n answers for the s**t worthless mother fuckers

  45. Guest5712

     where do i find my pin number? to enter netflix on my wii?


  46. Guest3118

     you eat butt thats how

  47. Guest7479

     you eat butt thats how

  48. Guest6724
    lu75257137 7
  49. Guest4597

     click on your account and help, from there you should see a clickable option in the "watching instantly on your tv or computer" box that says "activate a netflix ready device". that'll take you to a page where you enter your code and click activate.

    you're welcome. oh and whoever said "you eat butt thats how", go swallow a knife.

  50. Guest317

    how do i connect netflix to my wii

  51. Guest8608



  52. Guest6760

    it'll say connection 1 click on it then click access point or something like that itll search for your internet and click on your internet and put the password or key in. ☺

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