which is more important url name or page title?

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While I know that the page content is very important for indexing of a website, I wanted to know that between the URL name and Page Title, which is the more important one

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    According to SEO, URL, Page title and Page content all has its own importance.

    Importance of URL:

    URL should be simple and long and easy to remember.

    URL should be keyword enriched

    URL should not exceed 4th directory level

    URL should be search engine and user friendly

    URL should be in .html form

    URL first crawled and other things come on 2nd level.

    Importance of Page Title:

    Page title should be easy and meaning full

    Page title should be not more than 65 Characters

    Page title should be keyword enriched

    Page title should be catching

    Importance of Page Content:

    Page content should be SEO optimized

    Page content must be useful and worthy

    Page content should have keywords enriched with 2-3% density

    Page content should not be thin

    After reading the above importance of each thing in a website we come conclusion that URL name is very important because Search engine first crawls URL’s and then so on .So it means Title should be on 2nd priority.

  2. Guest8719
    Both have the highest priority in SOE perspective, but in my poit of view The URL is the toughest to manage as compared to Title
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