who is best character in Brothers and Sisters TV Show

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Whom you like most in this tV Show. I like the character which is performed by Sally Field , main actor of Brothers and sisters TV Show

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  1. Guest4988
    micheal scolfield and linkin are the best brother character in series 'Prision break'. i love the way they act especially micheal.

  2. Guest5153
    I like Calista Flockhart from Brothers and Sisters TV show. She is a good supporting actress.
  3. Guest7941
    I like micheal scolfield
  4. Guest9122
    I like Calista.
  5. Guest5901
    Kerris Dorsey is my best character in Brothers and sisters TV show.
  6. Guest2434
    Kerris Dorsey is my favorite character from this show.Brothers And Sisters is one of the most popular series all around America. Genre of this show is Drama.
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