who is bradford cohen?

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I know he was on the apprentice but what else has he done?

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  1. Guest8098
    He was a contestant on the Apprentice 2 fired 2nd.  On the Celebrity Apprentice some time later Donald Trump called him a "brilliant lawyer" from Florida.  He is a high profile criminal lawyer that has represented Vanilla Ice, Dennis Rodman, Scott Storch and Plaxico Burress among other celebs.  He often appears on TV as a legal commentator and has a website

    It also appears he has co-exec produced a short film called RED.

  2. Guest7858
    He is a Federal and State Criminal lawyer that is always on Nancy Grace, Jane velez Mitchell and Dr. Phil he has a Youtube video

    He handles major high profile criminal cases according to his website: Rappers, Football players and Basketball players.  He also was on the Apprentice and Trump just talked about him on the celebrity apprentice.  Looks like he is pretty successful.  I also saw he has produced a short film that premiered in LA, Miami and London.
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