who is damon bennett

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who is damon bennett

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  1. Guest8945

    He's the super hot crew guy from Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection.  yowza!

  2. Guest7324

    He is f--- hawt!

  3. Guest2964

    Easy now, no drooling on the keyboard, that's bad for it. ;)

  4. Guest5019

    It's worth it :)

  5. Guest9885

    Yeah I have to agree with you there.  I've been re-watching the season six and seven HOH eps,(especially the ones done during summer.  ;})  Whew.  Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  6. Guest9016

    Just saw mud-covered Damon on tv last night.  OMG!  Would have loved to help him scrub up!

  7. Guest9082

    Must be NOLA. It's the only  one I'm aware of that invovles mud in any form and him.  :)

  8. Guest3369

    Nope actually.  Sump-thing new on HI.  The US is way behind in episodes.  Enjoyed it all the same!

  9. Guest7660

    Oh right forgot that one.  Not bad.  Too many clothes though or not enough skin showing, whichever reason you'll accept. ;?

  10. Guest4494

    So true!

  11. Guest1498

    Hey Canadians, can you help out a US viewer?  On HI last night were they celebrating Damon's bday?  What was the deal with that cake?  It looked freaky.  I can only see the recap pics on the HI website.  That episode probably won't air in the US for another year or so.  Maybe I should move to Canada  :)

  12. Guest4044

    What's the ep called because they've never celebrated Damon's b-day that I recall in any of the shows.(They've celebrated Pinky's, Mike's and Billy's)  Let me know and I'll let you know.  :)

  13. Guest6601

    And MJ's.  sorry.

  14. Guest4775

    It was the one on just this past Thursday ("Down the Drain?").  It was shown on the behind the scenes photos so maybe it never made air time.  Check them out on the HI website if you have never gone there.  Interesting stuff.  The cake was freaky.  He seems to be into that psychobilly stuff, or looks as such from some of the t-shirts he wears from time to time.  Thanks a bunch! :)

  15. Guest823

    I don't think it was Damon's birthday because Sherry beside him in that pic is holding an envelope with her name on it.  If it was his birthday it would have his.  I presume.  And I doubt they'd be wearing hats for his.  That and Mike said it was spring, Damon's b-day is in late June.  Nothing aired during the ep so ...  I dunno maybe it was his. 

  16. Guest2431

    I see. thanks!

  17. Guest1955

     I am soooo tapping that when he comes to Regina, he's on my 'list' so i'm allowed;)!

  18. Guest7577

    Get in line honey!

  19. Guest4674

     We can all just line up outside of his hotel room and go in one or two(if he's into that) at a time:))

  20. Guest5064

    Ick no.  One on one.  Me first, and don't expect you will ever get a turn ;)

  21. Guest6197

     LOL, first come first serve;), i'll race ya;)!

  22. Guest5047

    Could we keep it a tad more respectful?  Yes, he is very handsome but he is still a human being.  He may not read these things, but you wouldn't want anyone saying such derogatory thigns about you behind your back, would you?

  23. Guest4805

    How is saying he is good looking derogatory? 

  24. Guest369

    Saying he is good-looking isn't derogatory, but other comments are very much so. 

  25. Guest483

    Then get off the thread. 

  26. Guest8175

     He is definitely a tasty looking piece of candy! I will be joining you guys in that line up at his hotel room door. I can't decide if I will start at the top, bottom or middle;), the Regina ladies are going to have fun that weekend, WOOHOO!

  27. Guest311

     I am soooo inviting him to inspect my "home";);) that weekend, I bet he's an excellent "inspector";);)!

  28. Guest1494

    Damon, come to my house so I can love you up!

  29. Guest8095

     I bet his rough calloused hands feel sooooooo goooood;), I can't wait to try and find out, see you at the home show:))!

  30. Guest9663

    Better hope you don't get arrested.

  31. Guest4195

    mmmm, handcuffs and Damon.  what a good combo!

  32. Guest1281

     Arrested? yes because that is typically what men do when when women flirt with them and hit on them, they have them arrested. Men hate that kind of attention. LMFAO! Don't worry Damon's mom, the women of Regina don't want to rough him up, we just want to love him up;) and besides, what happens in Regina, stays in Regina, we won't kiss and tell or handcuff and tell;).

  33. Guest6623

    You all are assuming he wants the attention.  Did it occur to you he might not.  At least not the way you guys are coming across on this thread, which by the way, is rather stalker-ish?

  34. Guest6400

    oh please.  do you really think people will be lining up outside of his room?  it's all just jokes.  the guy is hot, some people on this thread obviously think so, and we are just joking.  chill out.  I don't even live in Canada and have no idea where Regina is.  cut me a break. 

  35. Guest8797

     No kidding! What do you think ladies, is that poster young and naive or just naive? He is a man, of course he likes the attention, men get off on it. Any man that told you he doesn't has lied to you sweety. That's right, they also lie, its in their nature, we know it and we love them anyway:). I also agree with the last poster, these threads are for fun, if you are going to take things you read on here personally, for someone you don't even know, then perhaps you should not be reading it.

  36. Guest1526

     Seriously, hotel rooms are so dirty anyway. He's meeting me at my place after the show, I'm going to play with him in my dungeon;).

  37. Guest4242

    Sounds a little creepy to me.  After you are done, I will take him to my nice, big, soft bed for some TLC.

  38. Guest3865

    Damon, I hope you read these posts.  I love watching your show and admire how hard you work, day in and day out.  You body must ache every night when you get home.  Come on over to my place.  I will rub you down and help work out the kinks on those sore muscles. 

  39. Guest9656

     Damon Bennett is a senior contractor  any person  who    arises  on the Canadian  video  series, Holmes on Homes. The  demonstrate   attributes  a  very  clear   Canadian  complete  contractor  called  Mike Holmes. Holmes and his crew  recede  and visit homeowners  any person  who   have been victims of  evil-minded   task  done  by  other contractors. Damon Bennett is a regular on the  demonstrate,  and  regularly  leads a team that  recedes  to take a  facade  at homes with issues. Oftentimes the  demonstrates  are  pleasing  and have unique  viewpoints  and turns. Damon Bennett is  very  clear   for his  attainment  in one episode  labelled,  "Pasadena 911.

    Damon Bennett has used his every component of career in the erected plan field. His first employment was at age twelve, where he alleviated out a erected plan site and commenced to learn come seal the makeup trade. Since then, Damon performed in all types of roles as component of makeup crews, until he commenced his have finance as an independent contractor.

  40. Guest4683

    What the heck post was that?  Speak English next time.  I did like the words "Damon" and "erect" in the same sentence though.

  41. Guest3388

     I'm having a Damon sandwich this weekend in Regina;)

  42. Guest4578

    Lucky biotch

  43. Guest4092

     Sigh, he was delicious;)!

  44. Guest3999

    He is too hot for words!

  45. Guest2582

     TRU DAT! When he is at my house all the windows fog up!

  46. Guest3267

    There is an error in your post.  By "windows" you meant to say "tv screen."

  47. Guest68

     No, I meant windows;)

  48. Guest4405

    OK,  I believe you.  He has been to your house.  Right.  (not)

  49. Guest9283

     It is what it is, the man has to do something with his free time;). 

  50. Guest9417

    Yeah, and he is not doing you in his free time.  Get a life, wax your mustache, lose some weight, get a real man in your life and not the guy on tv. 

  51. Guest5325

     Such a hater, jealous much?

  52. Guest9793

    I'm not jealous, I'm laughing at you.  I actually have a man so I don't need to pretend the guy on tv is mine, like you do.  Admire him, fine, but really, get a life. 

  53. Guest9580


  54. Guest4129

     LMFAO! This is hilarious! The girl who is strangely defensive about someone she doesn't know isn't even smart enough to realize that the other girl is totally f*****g with her. Thank you for the entertainment, I needed a good laugh! I'm going to play devil's advocate and add that it is entirely possible that the other girl is actually his girlfriend, this is anonymous after all, no one would know.

  55. Guest3441

    I think you are the same poster, doing ALL of the entries. 

  56. Guest4104

    Actually no, there were other posters.  At least at first there were.  5356, 4329, 8355, 8672, 9657 and 0058 answers were a conversation I was having with someone else.  After that though I have to wonder.  I'm almost positive it's the same idiot poster from a few other threads though. 

  57. Guest5519

    Ladies, be nice.  Anyway, is his facebook fan page gone?   I can't get to it.  WTH??

  58. Guest5114

     wow, one slow moment at the office and suddenly I am a serial poster with multiple personality disorder:). I claim post # 3432. Thanks for a good laugh, again!

  59. Guest4223

     Damon is my cousin, he is happily married, end of story.

  60. Guest5530

    Does anyone check out Damon's fan facebook page?  I'm not on FB but apparently you now have to sign up to see the page. What gives? 

  61. Guest797

    That's the new format Facebook started.  Not the admins they don't like it either.

  62. Guest2675

    Hmmm, but I can still see Mike Holmes fan page just not Damon's.  Sux, b/c I don't want a FB account.  Thanks for the info anyway! 

  63. Guest5453

    OK, Damon's "cousin."  If you know him so well then please explain the daddy issues he has by treating the Holmes kids like they are his own.  Sicko if you ask me. 

  64. Guest6599

     What is sick about mentoring your friends kids? He's known them since they were teenagers, he's their boss, their dad is his friend & boss, it's not surprising that he feels like a father figure to them. Their dad is probably away a lot because of promoting the show, it seems natural for them to turn towards one of his friends who is just like him and treat him like a 2nd father. The only "sicko" thing I have read is that rumour about him dating them, now that would have been a little weird. In that case the daddy issues would have been with the kids, not with him. 

  65. Guest6008

    Maybe he should spend the time with his own family and his own kids then, "cousin."  What happened, did his own daddy not give him enough attention that he has to publicly say he thinks of Mike's kids like his own?  Oh yeah wait, he has no kids.  No wife either.  duh

    Direct from Holmes fan forum, from crew members (not cast) just recently "Last time I spoke with Damon he was still searching for Ms. Perfect."  2008 NOLA, gf visits, no ring on her finger.  Exactly when did he get married then?  Last week? LOL!  Claim to be someone else's realtive, because you aren't his. 

  66. Guest7981

    Well, if you want to be technical, there is a ring it's just not one her thrid finger.  And it does look like it could be a wedding ring.  If the guy is that protective about his private life (who could blame him?) then she might have moved it before they started filming.  This isn't being stated as fact just speculation on my part and mine alone.

  67. Guest5844

    Sorry 'on her third finger.'

  68. Guest386

    Yes, it's all a big conspiracy.  "Don't let the camera show that we are married.  Move your ring wife."  LOL!

  69. Guest2145

    Ha ha ha. :)  Really, I'm not saying that it is a conspiracy but I can see why he might not want his significant other identified.  If you've read some of the posts on this and other threads they sound .... sketchy.  And stalkers do exist whether we want to admit or not.  He probably has one or two himself.  The problem is you DON'T know who is and who isn't.  He is on television.  That may not have been his original intent but that in itself makes him ... I don't know ... worthy of that kind of attention, I guess.  From where I sit if he is married and won't comment, he's protecting his wife's identity from those kinds of people.  Anyone else would do the same.  He's on tv, she isn't.

    And I have to wonder about people who automatically dismiss that kind of caution as silly or stupid.

  70. Guest7869

    When he isn't working he is with his family, but they work a lot so he has spent a lot of time with Mike's kids. None of these people spend time together outside of work, except for the ones who are related to each other, of course. No comment on whether or not he has his own kids, that is his private business. I think it's great that he chooses to protect his family by not talking about them, i've seen the things people say about him online, why would anyone want to also subject their family to that kind of scrutiny and gossip. 

  71. Guest8674

    Actually, they do spend time together outside of work.  Straight from the crews mouths.  Maybe actually watch some of the shows first before you claim to have "insider" info. 

  72. Guest4666

    You are all so ridiculous.  He's some no name on some cheesy Canadian home show.  Most people in the US would have no idea who he is.  THAT is why there is no info on him, b/c he's a nobody.  Your claims that he is private and that is why there is no info on him is just plain off the mark.  He's not a big star, pure and simple.  Nobody would give a flying fig if he posted pics of his wedding or whatever on the internet.  Nobody cares!

  73. Guest1291

     ok, u may be shocked to hear this but 'reality' tv is not real, its scripted. They have a director that tells them what to do and what to say. Even if they were not on tv, people that work together never tell each other how they really feel about each other, it would make the work environment a little uncomfortable and in this case it would make for bad tv. Nobody wants to tune in to hear them say how sick of each other they are, they market the show as a family show, the crew is like a 'family' blah, blah, blah. Same with the forum, which at times is as factual as wikipedia;). FYI the easter bunny, santa and the tooth fairy are not real either.

  74. Guest5870

    Behind the Scenes episdoe.  Concentrate on Amanda Holmes and what she says.  There is no reason to make stuff up about the crew hanging out after hours.  You Canadians must be bored if you think the Holmes shows and crew are a big deal.  Focus on real celebrities if you are so bored with your life, not pseudo-ones.  Not everythnig is a conspiracy and scripted.  He has a wife, yet keeps it under wraps, they really hate each other after filming cuts.  Come on, is your life really that boring?  This is so dumb.  He's a construction worker, that's all. 

  75. Guest2077

    'Real celebrities?'  You mean like the 'people' that supposedly get into fights on set, storm off, marry each other, cheat and then divorce within weeks if not days of the nuptials all in the course of filming one movie and that's provided you believe the press covering them?  Those 'celebrities?'  No thank you.  You keep those on your side of the border.  Please.

    And you're contradicting yourself.  You're telling us to get lives but still gossip about people.  Yes Damon's just a contractor.  Mike isn't anymore.  If you've followed the men's careers down through the years, you see a definite difference.  Unfortunately, the show and the people aren't what they used to be.  Which is sad because it was a good show once upon a time and it was real.  Not a 'reality' show.  More of a weekly documentary if you will.  Now it is just a reality show. 

  76. Guest8191

    Real celebrities like Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon to name a few.  What do you have, Justin Bieber?  ha ha.  Sorry but Mike Holmes or any member of his crew would not be considered a real celebrity by any means.  And I have no idea the point you are trying to make about HI being a "reality" show.  How is that exactly?  

  77. Guest7430

     The 'behind the scenes' episode is ancient history, that was almost an entirely different crew and it was still 'made' for tv. It was directed and filmed just like the other shows, so yes, once again, people are told what to say to present the show a certain way. That is how tv works, its all about telling people what they want to hear and showing them what they want to see so they will tune in and watch. For the record, amanda doesn't even work with the crew she works at the office so I wouldn't bother quoting anything she has to say about the construction crew. I do agree with one point though, these are not celebrities, they are contractors and apprentices, I wouldn't even rate them as Z-list celebs. People on reality tv are nothing more than psuedo-celebrity's, thankfully 15 minutes is a very short amount of time;).

  78. Guest2931

    I think Amanda would know if she hangs out with the crew after hours or not, considering her husband is one of those crew members. 

  79. Guest6310

     It goes without saying that she would spend time with her husband and family after hours, but do you really believe that a group of middle aged tradesmen like Carl, Martin, Frank, Damon, spend their free time hanging out with 20 year olds. Are they all having a midlife crisis at the same time, perhaps they have synchronized like women having a shared menstrual cycle. People always say "the cast is like a big happy family" and "we see each other outside of work all the time", while shows are in production and then 20 years later someone will write a tell all book about how it really was behind the scenes. It isn't a conspiracy, its just marketing, its just tv, and tv is all an illusion. No big deal, that's just the way it is. Its entertainment, not meant to be taken as gospel. 

  80. Guest1239

    Adam and Amanda do have a young child now.  So no, they are not spending time out with the 'crew.'  Ask any new parent.  Believe me, they'll set you straight. 

    And, hello, she's Mike's daughter.  Of course she's gonna say they spend time together.  And maybe, just maybe, once upon a time they did.  But think of the people YOU work with.  Would you spend time with them outside of work?  At least anywhere near the time implied by the show?  Especially after working long hours already?  I don't and wouldn't dream of it because(I work with twenty-somethings, five of them)  we have very little in common.  Even with work.

  81. Guest7709

    Happy Birthday s**y man!  I baked you a cake and am ready to cover you in icing!

  82. Guest5200

    He's a good-looking guy, but ya know, he really needs to whiten his teeth. 

  83. Guest8348

    Kind of been waiting for someone to bring that one up.  Yeah I don't think he's a firm believer in the 'whiter teeth whiter smile' cult.  Either that or he smokes. Or both. 

  84. Guest7315

    Well, I get the impression that he just isn't very vain.  He has great biceps but you barely ever see them.  He's not one to show off in front of the camera.  So, I'm supposing the teeth thing doesn't matter to him very much. 

  85. Guest8024

    I don't know how you can tell if he is good looking or not.  The dude has his nose so far up Mike's a-- you can't even see his face. 

  86. Guest1140

     Seriously, give the guy a break! Sounds like he's grounded and fully aware that he's just a contractor and not a movie/rock star. I don't know too many trades people who go out and get thier teeth whitened on a regular basis. He's still waaay better looking than that fat f****r Holmes.

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