who is jay sean's wife?

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who is jay sean's wife?

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  1. Guest4239
    According to my knowledge he is unmarried.

  2. Guest5489
    he get married a few weeks ago my friends auntie went to it- i don't know who he actually got married to thogh. SORRY!!!

  3. Guest8048
    your face niggah,,!!
  4. Guest5941
    tara he got married to... i am indian i know everything about jay... down down down down.. followed his music threw partys with him proforming back in the days s**t.
  5. Guest2180
    he is married to me i wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guest2040
    I don't Know
  7. Guest6782
    He is married to a singer name tara...true true
  8. Guest7740
    no one cares
  9. Guest1672
    Thara Prashad . They got married in new jersey .
  10. Guest8420
    He is married to Thara prashad...
  11. Guest6326
    priya is jay sean's wife.
  12. Guest7701
    Thara prashad married jay sean
  13. Guest4276
    He is NOT married.. i personally know him and is intention on getting engaged or married
  14. Guest6498
    i think he is married cos my boyfriend's cousins are family friends with him and appanrently they made the sweets for jay sean's wedding :)
  15. Guest4939
    I Saw Pictures of jay sean and Thara together hanging out.
  16. Guest7916
    hey is my uncle
    he married my aunt thara in nj in august
  17. Guest3445
  18. Guest2952
    HES NOT f*****g MARRIED!!!!  LISTEN TO HIS GAWD d**n INTERVIEWS AND YOULL KNOW HES SINGLE. THARA IS JUST A FRIEND THEY ARE JUST REALLY GOOD CLOSE FRIENDS. everyone has a special someone in there lives. it could be your friend, your girlfriend, or your wife. Anyone. and i guess in his life its thara. there friends.
  19. Guest4916
    Thara is my cousin lol they're married i went to the wedding this summer stupid
  20. Guest5333
    Jay Sean is married to my aunty Thara
    I went to the wedding it was really fun
  21. Guest3476
    her wife is Angelina Jolie..i went to their i know.
  22. Guest2107
    what lies ? hes not married
  23. Guest2963
    Jay Sean is not married at i know, and im just tired of you ppl sayin he is, Kamaljeet is not married and does not have a gf. He gets tired of you ppl always sayin that, and he wishes you guys just left him alone with all your rumors.
  24. Guest1518
    i dont kno if he is but if he is she is one lucky girl. I LUV JAY SEAN.xD
  25. Guest8080
    He is married. Just because he told the press and his fans means nothing, marriage can affect his image. Does that make him a liar? No, lot's of celebrities do that. He is married to Thara, I was invited to the wedding. Thara is my cousin, and there's no need for profanity or peoples saying she's ugly. If you've talked to her in person she's gorgeous. My belief is you're all in denial out of jealousy of the fact that he's taken. Get your heads out of the sky and GET REAL, he's married, case closed, move on.
  26. Guest207
    Thara is not Jay Seans wife,they are just friends. As you've heard hes only focusing on music and bring the best to the plate, he doesnt have time for relationships, and all of you stop saying Thara is your cousin its pretty stupid.
  27. Guest5662
    Wow, pathetic. No one except Kamaljit and his family know if he is married or not so it shouldn't matter to outsiders. It's a privacy intrusion and the poeple claiming to be family and putting his business out there are disrespecting his privacy wishes because if he wanted people to know he and Thara were married he would have said so. So he obviously doesn't want his personal life broadcasted to the world. I love him, a lot, but I'm not going to speculate and infer about him from what random people say. Get lives people. They're pretty fun to have.
  28. Guest5652
    tara is jay seans wife, my sisters friend went to the wedding last year.
  29. Guest3522
    my cousin used to live right next to jay sean and got an invitation to his wedding [cause their parents are friends]..................he got married to THARA
  30. Guest1445
    poor guy....marrying into that family
  31. Guest5928
    Jay Sean is probaly not married to thara because he never mentions her name in interviews. Besides I saw pictures of him with this girl named Priya and ashley tisalde. He hops around all these girls.
  32. Guest4074
    First of all it really does not matter...and it is jay sean's business... since mostly girls listn to his music and if they find out he is married they will stop... but if you really love him and care about him then stop popping questions like that...
  33. Guest6245
    Jay Sean is hottt and in a YouTube video thara and jay Sean were in a plane together. Sooo whatever he is hottt
  34. Guest8635
    Jay Sean's is not married but no doubt he has many friends...He is too great..Even too hot!!!!!!!But one thing i tell you that my friend said that he is married with Tara and she is a singer...
    But sorry i can't tell you exactly that he is married or not.
  35. Guest3370
    why can't you people see what losers both of them are?
  36. Guest6871
    People, I am his wife!
  37. Guest5560
    JAY SEAN IS NOT MARRIED!!!!!Tara wishes that she is married 2 jay sean cause she is wat you call UGLY!She doesn't even make the cut of being PRETTY!and those of u who said his married are wrong!!!
  38. Guest1797
    Jay Sean is not married but on the Wendy show he did say he was dating someone and that there is someone special in his life, that was in Jan I think this year. Personally any person be it a celebrity or a non celebrity is entitled to his or her own privacy as everyone has a private life why question it so much when the individual doesn't wish to talk about it. I think people should respect that of Jay Sean and support him and his music like me, I like his music and to me his musical talent is what's more important to me then knowing what his maritial status is.
  39. Guest3890
    I personally know jay.. I've been hiring jay since he was just a South Asian star coming from britain.  I did his first show in philadelphia at this venue called Riverdeck a few years before anyone knew him.  HE IS married to thara.  I know this, shes always with him.. And i know when they were married
  40. Guest6979
    he is married... we were at the wedding!
  41. Guest1481
    he isn't married thara is ugly who would marry her
  42. Guest9832
    i think he is still single because admit it he is still making new songs with girls and his wife wouldn't let him!!!!
  43. Guest2069
    lol lol lol you people are crazy lol lol lol thanks everybody for make me laugh and thara is my cousin to lol lol lol
  44. Guest3808
    HES MARRIIED! and yes he did accept the fact tht hes DATING someone which is so THARA
  45. Guest7675
    i have dated jay seans cousin. n i did talk to jay sean on da phone and asked if he was dating anyone. lolz n he told me.. bt his voice is so cute, and his cousin ( my ex) luks just like jay sean..
  46. Guest6002
    I think, he is not married...
  47. Guest5321
    Wowwww... A lot of saddos writing a load of bullshit on here haha... Of course u no him, of course she's it aunt, of course u or people u no went to "their wedding" haha okk then
  48. Guest4363
    i'm his husband
  49. Guest1865
    i dont care! ill love him even hes married or hes not! hahaha!
  50. Guest2181
    Thara. .He got married in New J. . 2009 =]
  51. Guest6279
    hai jay sean i'm wat for u can u married me???
  52. Guest3573
    Peoples:)Tell me please for what need to married young popular singer?these are all rumors that need for good image.calm down:)and take the  pleasure Jay s creation and  the singing
  53. Guest457
    I think Thara is his wife, she is also his manager. Tho Jay sean is not sayin anythin bout it, i suspect he is married or at least, they are together. Look at their videos n see the chemistry! Im a huge fan of Jay Sean n i think he should come out with the truth! Its not an invasion of his privacy but we as loyal fans (right from the start) deserves to know it. What is so wrong with that? So Jay plz tell us the truth already! its the least u can do for ur fans!
  54. Guest1110
    this jerk cares more about his career and what's in his pants than his wife.
    she should have been with him at the VMA show last night, not the 4 bimbos he had with him.  his disrespectful attitude will ruin his career.
  55. Guest308
    guys u all are shitting...he is my husband! muahaha! ;)
  56. Guest6792
    IDK!! but ii loveee himm... soo muchh !
  57. Guest683

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! he is not married yet ask me i am his family friend. OKAY PEOPLE MIND UR OWN BUSINESS DONT TRY TO INTERFARE IN HIS PERSONAL MATTERS. u guys are his fans ok so if u care about him dont say rubish

  58. Guest220

    i think jay wants a simple girl who he can come back to everynight and who loves him not coz he is singer but a great person and who never judges him and he can be as pathetic and ugly as he wants in front of her and he does not have to impress her all the time and she would still love him if he wasnt a singer. so i think he is still waiting for that girl


  59. Guest9978

    Yup, married to Thara. They got married in New Jersey i believe 2 summers ago.

  60. Guest4935

    Okay let's get one thing straight people, I know you will think I am lying,but I have nothing to hide but my name because we are keeping it out of the public eye. I am Jaysean's fiance as of yesterday. We have been dating for almost 6 months. He called a local radio station in my area an asked them to broadcast a proposal to me which they where unable to do only because then they would have to do it for everyone else. So no people who think he is married to Thara he isn't she is his agent nothing more then that. I am sorry to disappoint you with thinking he was or is married. He is engaged that is all.  He is 22 not 30 like the media claims him to be. We pray and hope this finds you all doing well take care and God bless you all from Jaysean and his fiance soon to be wife

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