who killed Benazir Bhutto the great Pakistani Leader

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Bhutto was killed on 27 December 2007 now its been a year but no one has been caught or send behind bars for the assasination may its us who has to bring people  behind bars......

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  1. Guest5466
    I still remeber the day when the assasination happend i was sitting in my house having tea With my Family and we were deciding wat to do on New Year when this sad incident happend and after that oue people started KIlling our own people Destroying Buisnesses is this wat we are is this why we say Proud to be a Pakistani...........but yeah who  killed Bhutto Scotland yard were not able FInd out no other agencies were able to find out in my opinion u knw wat i mean there is only one person in my eyes the most richest husband in the world.......................and most Power full......ANd with a topi and a Mustash

  2. Guest6642
    Yes haseeb i remember that day!!i was getting ready for my cousin's wedding, i was so sad for Benazir and my cousin who got stucked in saddar with whole baraat, he was literally crying not for benazir,but for his wedding was posponded, Benazir was a great leader and i wonder we could ever get a leader like her. I pray for Pakistan when i see our president and his history *no offense* i say that because i expected a lot from PPP, anyways May her soul rest in peace and God Bless our nation, Amen.
  3. Guest334
    it hapend about a year ago whn every pakistani was lukin 4 smthng gud 2 hapen in future?coz the election compaigns wr on a rise....but on 27th of decembr,ppl of pakistan faced a big shock,their g8 leader benzair was martyrd,and a g8 panic started in pakistan.ppl started killing their own muslim brothers...
    till now no 1 knows who was behind al dis,but in my oponion,i must agree wd guest12472 coz u know the only person who get benifits of her assassination is our respective president,the person who was in jail for more than 10   u can imagine how brighter is the future of pakistan
  4. Guest6018
    I dnt get one thing i was Listening to a discussion on a T.V show about the assasination of bhutto there were no cars in front of her car nither at the back and nost important none of the other Politicians got killed every buddy was safe and now they are all ministers and Living a Luxurious life but who died BHutto and sum other inocent people. There families are dieing for food there kids dnt go to school, who will take care of them?who will feed them?Roti kapra and makkan is the motive but they are taking it instead of giving it thats my Question to the higher athorties.
  5. Guest9663
    There are many questions unanswered about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
  6. Guest2909

     Benazir Bhutto was among the greatest leader to Pakistani politics. There were many militant forces behind her because she was never supporting any of them. But when She was assassinated all such groups declared that they had no sort of involvement in the assassination. 

    So who can be behind this, Haseeb's answer is quite to the mark because even the current president who not even deserve to be out side the jail announced at number of times that he knows who is behind this but never declared any name. Same way the other politicians who are there with Bhutto at the time of assassination left the place few seconds before this tragic incidence happened. So who can be the possible murderer. The only person who is benefited by the assassination of Bhutto is Mr Zardari and he claims i know the name of the killer so why not to ask him. Why is he not bringing that name in-front of local public so that he should be hanged or brought to justice. 
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