who uses facebook?

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who uses facebook the most?

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  1. Aalia
    Facebook was initially started as a web portal for students. It was intended to profile the graduates enrolled along with Zuckerberg.

    Going global in the future was beyond even thought of, it was just to facilitate students.

    Since then, it has replaced the traditional college system of distributing papers to freshmen, focusing on the students and faculty. Its user base grew rapidly as older student found it easier and convenient to stay in contact with their other friends and relatives. Besides, it provided support to the faculty to inform communicate to the students as well. Therefore within 24 hours of its launch, 1,200 users’ logged in.

    With this jumpstart, Facebook started its operation with the intention of using it as a university project. However in 2006, it was made to cover the users beyond the education industry.  

    Referral programs were basically used to stimulate the user’s traffic of the Facebook. Every person who has an account with Facebook can refer his friends and other relatives. Initially it was restricted to the United State’s schools and colleges only.

  2. Guest916
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