why Cholera is so harmful?

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I don’t know much about cholera and I am here to know that why it is so harmful?

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  1. Aalia

    Yes, cholera is harmful and may even cause death to otherwise healthy people. Honestly, though you have to take precautions for any disease.  If, you have heard small details like the disease is contagious then you know the next step is to maintain a good hygiene in and out the home. For example, always make sure you wash your hands after each trip to the toilet.

    I have been to a few third world countries and lack of proper education in hygiene is the most major issue. Simple instructions to the children to wash their hands before meal, after using the washroom, and keep an overall clean environment. Now there are other cases where poverty is so extreme that people do not have access to clean water.

    I am sure you have seen picutres of people taking water for a lake or river. Well, see what happens is just a few hours before someone else took a bath in the same river leaving an otherwise clean water all infested with cholera viruses. Lack of access to clean water can lead to an outbreak of cholera. In cases like this education is the best method of avoiding an outbreak or even maintaing the numbers of cholera cases.

    The situation in Haiti was very sad and unfortuanate, but again lack of education and safe precaution was the main cause for the outbreak. I hope my information has been insightful for you. Play it safe.

  2. Guest7500
    Cholera is harmful because it may cause death. In 19th century cholera killed thousands of people in the world.
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