why Justin Drew Bieber needs to pay more attention to his fans

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why Justin Drew Bieber needs to pay more attention to his fans

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  1. Victor Strong

     Guest 4744 is right, without their fans it doesn't matter how talented an artist is as it pertains to fame and fortune. The recognition and monetary compensation are the results of dollars and attention put out by fans and not the other way around. There are some celebrities who never lose site of this however many benefit from increased wisdom in later years.

    On the other hand, the world we live in puts tremendous pressure on artists like Bieber. In fact, he may be more harassed than almost all celebrities. Add to that the fact that he is young, enabled and worshiped by almost everyone he encounters and you have a confused young man. I'm sure Justin is a good guy who is having some fun and hasn't realized yet to do it in complete private at a mega mansion. He will treat his fans better.  


  2. Guest4744
    without fans like me he is nothing
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