why are sports so painful

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why are sports so painful

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  1. Victor Strong

     Sports are painful for various reasons. Although some sports such as American football and hockey are considered to be on the upper echelon in terms of violence, people still can feel or endure pain playing anything from badminton to bowling. 

    Such pain is due to the fact that one must use some part of their body and often all of their body when participating in sports. This leaves them susceptible to injuries such as sprains, strains and bruises.

    Contact and  team sports open the level of potential pain thanks to opposing players who are competing against you. Such situations may lead to collisions and scrums that are part of games. If you experience pain simply running or doing a sport you should stop and consult a physician. People play sports because the pain and injury risk that exists is outweighed by the love of sports and winning. 

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