why did speed limits change in great britain during the last hundred years

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why did speed limits change in great britain during the last hundred years

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  1. amomipais82
    Over the years cars have improved in many ways. For a start tyres have gone from cross ply to bias ply to radial construction, the profiles have become lower giving better handling characteristics, the tread patterns have improved to make the cars safer to drive in the wet and the rubber has become softer generating more grip in all conditions.

    Brake performance and technology has changed considerably over the years. Earlier cars had drum brakes which weren't as efficient as disc brakes. In the early days all cars had drum brakes, then some cars started getting disc brakes on the front, then 4 wheel disc brakes became common. Anti lock braking was the major safety break through, it gives the ability to steer the car when the brakes are fully applied, something that non abs brake systems cannot do.
    Some cars now have braking systems which assist to keep the car going in the direction the steering wheels are pointed (this only comes into play in emergency type situations where the steering wheel is being reefed on to avoid an accident)

    Suspension is better these days, the cars tend to be more "sure footed" and agile. Lighting systems are often brighter and better than older cars. There are many air bags in cars these days as well as seatbelts which have pyrotechnic tendioners to tighten the seatbelts in event of a crash.

    The structural design of car bodies is heavily influenced by safety. Spot welds which hold the panels together are strategicly positioned to give way in a mannor which absorbes the impact energy of a crash. Some cars have high density foam inside the doors to absorb the side intrusion crash impact to protect the occupants. There are crumple zones designed onto the body. Sructural panels are designed and positioned to maximise passenger safety, this can be in the form of colapsabilty to absorm energy or rigidity to protect the passenger. Engine and transmission mounts are designed to break on crash impact to absorb energy. Fuel pumps have a sensor to cut power in a crash so fuel is not pumped everywhere which poses a fire risk. Some high end European cars have pedals which automatically go to the floor in event of a crash to protect the drivers feet and legs.

    In many countries the road safety has improved considerably over the years, white lines were painted on the roads, reflectors on the sides and middle of the roads, armco railing to stop cars running of the road into dangerous areas. Street lighting is more prevalent these days. More thaught has been put into the layout and design of roads and safety barriers.

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