why do u people want his number so badly????

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why would u people ever want to have justin biebers phone number i mean he needs his space and some people like privacy and maybe he likes privacy. you shouldnt just keep trying to get his number because justin, his friends, his family they r probably not going to give u his number i mean i probably
wouldn't like it if i found out that a bunch of people were trying to get my number and that is most likely probably what he feels right now so people i think that you should just leave him alone, and not to be mean or anything but if u people don't respect that maybe he doesn't want you to have his number or find it then you are being very disespectful to him. thank you for listening to my comment!
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  1. Guest6837

     Yes off course every one needs some space where he can think about him self as well. But Justin Has earned so much fame in very short time period. And that fame is given to him through the people who are searching for his phone number who are searching for his msn address who are dying to just have a single moment with him. Its all because they all love him. 

    It is the love of the fan which Justin Bieber gather through his voice around the world. Now if those fans are interested in having personal number of Justin Bieber so what in it. 

    And now when he has gained all the success for which one can dream this does not means that now he can through his fan away from him. These fans are always very important to Justin Bieber. And the same way as all the fans love Justin Bieber, the same way he loves them as well. He is nothing without theses fans. So they had got even chances to talk with him. 

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