why do we celebrate boxing day

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Recently, I heard that Boxing Day is celebrated every year. I do not know why people celebrate Boxing Day! If anyone know the reason please do tell me. Please tell me, which is the exact day of the year which is associated as Boxing Day.


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    Hello there

    The world famous Boxing Day takes location on December 26th and is only commemorated in a couple of countries. It was begun in the UK about 800 years before in the Middle Ages. It was the day when the alms carton, assemblage cartons for the poor often kept in places of adoration, were opened in order that the contents could be circulated to poor people. Some places of adoration still open these cartons on Boxing Day.

    It might have been the Romans that first conveyed this kind of assembling carton to the UK, but they utilized them to assemble cash for the wagering sport which they performed throughout their winter celebrations!

    Some historians state the vacation evolved because domestics were needed to work on Christmas Day, but took the next day off. As domestics arranged to depart to visit their families, their employers would present them with gift boxes.

    Another idea is that the cartons put in places of adoration where parishioners made a down fee coins for the poor were opened and the contents circulated on December 26, which is furthermore the Feast of St. Stephen.

    I hope you can understand the meaning of the Boxing Day very well.



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