why does Justin Bieber have to be so hot?OMG!

by Guest2902  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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why does Justin Bieber have to be so hot?OMG!

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  1. Guest249
    because you're a twelve year old moron

  2. Guest4913
    because he got awesomely hotttt genes! Omg
  3. Guest8475
    becuz he is beautiful and sweet and girls are crazy bout him and his smile is perfect...he has an amazing voice <3 <3 i love justin bieber!!!!
  4. Guest9407
    Because he has s**y hair, eyes, and body. ;) If Justin ever reads this i will die. LOL I <3
  5. Guest3850
    becouse he is him he is awesome at everything he does and i would die if he asked me out but i come back to life just to say yes he is such a good singer i have all his cds well thats all love you justin bieber and ur sister is so cute she remindes me of my little sister
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