why don't Cristians believe in the bible of 'Bernaba'?

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why don't Cristians believe in the bible of 'Bernaba'?

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  1. Guest4578
    See the think is that Bernaba wrote about jesus is not god's sone he is the prophet. It also shows the last prophet's arrival with the name ahmad. This bibles was written in ARAMAYIK language (Jesus Spoken language). This bible was distroyed before 400 yrs of muhammad's (s) birth. It has re-discovered in 1892 and translated to english in 1904. It has kept in Vienna national library.

  2. Guest642
    i got that... even by the same name ..Ahmad!! as it mentioned in Quran of Muslims..& Muslims also will not be Muslims if they don't beleive that Jesus was a messenger of Allah,!
  3. Guest5127
    i got that... even by the same name ..Ahmad!! as it mentioned in Quran of Muslims..& Muslims also will not be Muslims if they don't beleive that Jesus was a messenger of Allah,!
  4. Guest160
    استاذى Guest11944541 انا رجل مصرى مسلم واريد بعض من المساعده بخصوص هذا الانجيل اذا كنت على علم به فارجو منك اخى الكريم ان تمدنى بوسيلة الاتصال التى استطيع ان اتحدث بها معك وهذا ايميلى  ارجو مراسلتى
  5. Guest6103
  6. Guest2915
    Bernaba wasn't even born at the time of Jesus. he's 150 years after Jesus Christ so he can not be one of his apostles and of course it's not a bible cause bibles are written by the apostles who lived at the time of Jesus only.
  7. Guest1732

    Encarta pretty much has it right.  Biblical canon (that is, the selection of books in the modern Bible) was not decided upon until a century or so after the time of Constantine.  The way the Christians tell the story, Constantine saw a sign in the sky and converted from paganism to Christianity, and then made Christianity the official state religion. Well, on a simplistic level that's true but the actual truth (which is never obvious) is that rather than it being a simple matter of pagans converting to Christianity, what happened was that paganism and Christianity sort of melded into this new religion that consisted of a little of both and not a significant majority of either.  This is why Christians still observe pagan holidays (Christmas/Winter solstice, with Christmas tree, holly, etc. and Easter/Spring fertility festival, with bunnies, eggs, lillies and other symbols of fertility).  So now a century or so goes by and they start to think about which books and writings to canonize (make part of the official Bible).  Now bear in mind that there was no separation of church and state - it was all the same - and government always wants to control people, make them pay taxes/titles/tribute, and make them have as many children as possible as an investment in the future.  So which books would they want to include in the Bible?  Well, the ones that emphasized rules, and punishments for breaking the rules (both now and in the hereafter). Books that encouraged people to have families, unless they planned to enter the religious life. Books that emphasized h**l stayed, books that talked about reincarnation mostly went (although there are still hints of it in the New Testament).  The esteemed (in his time) church father Origen, and his teachings, were branded anathema to the church three centuries later (you could be tortured and put to death for even having a copy of his writings!) and all because he believed that people (souls) exist before and after their life in human form (it was the "before" part the paganized church objected to).  The guy they really loved was the so-called "Apostle" Paul, who was not declared an apostle by Jesus, but rather selected by the other Apostles after Jesus death.  Paul was supposedly a "reformed" Pharisee.  Well, he was reformed in that he wasn't going around killing Christians anymore, but he still had the very legalistic outlook on life that came with being a devout Pharisee.  His writings are full of control and legalism, in some cases almost the opposite of what Jesus taught (depending on the mood he was in when he wrote a particular epistle).  And if Paul was too soft on any point, there was always plenty of opportunity for revision (and later on, mistranslation and misinterpretation - ever seen a preacher pull isolated verses and passages from several books, in order to prove a dubious point?).  So Paul got a good chunk of the space in the New Testament, and if you count actual teachings I think he certainly got a lot more space than Jesus (much of the four gospels, which by the way were written many years after Jesus' death, deals with the stories of Jesus life - in a red letter Bible, only the words in red are Jesus' teaching and sayings, whereas close to 100% of the epistles of Paul are his teachings and sayings). Jesus taught love and forgiveness, Paul taught rules and certain judgment for transgressors.  It's no wonder the religious/government leaders loved him, and discarded many other books and in many cases attempted to wipe their existence off the face of the earth.  Now, you should realize that not all Christians believe the same way - some do believe that some of the overlooked and "banned" books have as much to teach us (if not more) than those approved by the paganized church, which was probably at least 150 years removed from the last vestige of original Christianity. But unfortunately, organized religion is very slow to change.  That is why so many are leaving organized religion - as new discoveries are made (particularly starting about the time the Nag Hammadi library was discovered), it's becoming more and more apparent that organized religion has been holding out on us.  It's even possible that they haven't told us the real reason Jesus came - not for "pie in the sky when you die", but to help people achieve what today we might call a state of enlightenment (or if that sounds too "new agey", let's just say he wanted people to love each other and to have the abilities that he had to heal the sick, comfort the afflicted, etc. - and I'm not talking about the fake healings that some preachers try to pull off in various churches.  By the way, don't forget that belief itself is a powerful thing — you could be the world's biggest con artist but if you could convince people that you have the power to heal, some would get better, at least for a little while, after you laid hands on them.  I am absolutely NOT saying or implying that Jesus was a con artist, but I believe many today that say they are working in his name are outright frauds).  For a bit more in-depth discussion of what went wrong, I recommend this web page from back in 1998 (surprisingly it's still online):

  8. Guest1315
    Well, Christians do not believe in that book also called by some bible, that this by itself is not very correct, because, :-
    1. Bible in the original texts means Good News......& it is very obvious tat this book gets bad news NOT Good News.
    2. This book was written 1500 years A.D. i.e. it was written almost 800 yrs after the Muslim Qumran,
    3. As mentioned by another guest that he did not live at the days of Jesus, so how come he writes what he wrote, & another evidence is that when you read the whole of the Old Testament & the New Testament you find it all one unit,the prophecies of OT fulfilled in NT,
    4. It is NOT true also because why didn't any of the 4 recognized gospels mention anything about what that book mentions ?
    5. Why are there obvious contradictions such as Jesus said, that many false prophets will come after me, do not follow them, then here this one comes & says ahmad, a name that was not known during the time of Jesus, but many many years after HIM  
    My personal advice to any one is to pray one simple prayer - God show me the truth, show me the real & clear way to YOU & believe me HE will show you
  9. Guest359
    First , this Bernaba was one of the students of the Jesus .
    Second , He was very close to the truth about many main issues as a true Gospel about the Jesus Prophesy Message - that he was not crucified By the the ruling Jews Priest's and kings - whom  have not been given the chance to kill him as they did to other Profits- the God well -, so God had disappointed them in-return the revenged and they killed many of the Jesus followers including collecting manuscripts of his students for Misrepresentation and fraud to protect their Trade and Ideology but Beranba Gospel has escaped by the God's well
  10. Guest7656
    simply because it was not revealed to all christians. i mean that churchmen hided the truth because it was against their interests."Will We tell people that Jesus is a prophet?  Will we tell people That Jesus assured the coming of Mohamad?  Will we tell people that Jesus Christe was not crossified but lifted to God?" IF THEY DID TELL,THEY WOULD CONFIRM THE TRUTHFULNESS OF ISLAM. Finally,

    I pray God to lead you to the right way.                                 KEEP SEARCHING FOR TRUTH,IT IS NEAR.
  11. Guest1652
    i'd thank you Guest14680613 for your focused answer ...
  12. Guest3942
    well for me as a former moslem converted to christianity LDS church or Mormonisem,it is clear with new and strong testimonies of the book of mormon that who realy jesus is as well as his mission,i recommend you to also read the book of Mormon,that answers everything in this story and beond.many centuries after christ and after Mohamad it confirms the truth about jesus or Jehova of old testament and messaiah of new.
    i testify that jesus is christ,the very son of God,creator of universe and yet here to come and prove he is who he is.
  13. Guest397
    it is not the normal cristians who do not,i think that the big and heavy christian priests are responsible for convincing their people and to keep controlling them to stay in their positions because when people realize that bernaba's bible is true,then the christians must all turn into muslims and there will be no need for all those priests.The same happened when the islamic relegion appeared in Mekkah,those who had high political and relegious positions were the the first fighters against islam simply because they were afraid to loose their power.The same thing happened with Jesus,Mosis and most of the profets and messengers that were sent by GOD to bring out humanity from the darkness to the light, to teach humanity the right from wrong,to make them believe in the one and unique GOD who created everything and to know that he is the one that has to be worshiped.
    God sent more than 124000 messenger through history for the same mission,WHY WOULD IT DIFFER WHEN IT COMES TO JESUS(THE PROFET) TO MAKE ALL THIS STORY AND TO MAKE HIM GOD HIMSELF,it is just because those priests who were writing bibles without any permission from GOD wanted to make something special for their hand made relegion, so that they are the best. The same mistake the JEWS made to make themselves (few million) the chosen people of GOD and the others are in the level of animals,they are the best and the others say that they are the best and they are true where only GOD KNOW WHERE THE TRUTH IS.And from here i invite all humans to search for the truth,do not be shy if you find it outside your range of belief,do not be fanatic and discuss logically.There is no need for all these trillions of dollors to be spent on killing,spend your money on building this planet that GOD GAVE US to be responsible for,THAT IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED or taken from us .Save the world.
  14. Guest3736
    I agree with you,i think that both iews and christians made their hand made relegion and they ignore the bible og Barnaba because it contradicts with the other bibles,because it carries the same belief of the Muslims and this is how it has to work,the Message of God through the life of human on earth must not differ from beginning to end,but the Christians made the huge mistake which contradicts the whole message of Jesus,they made him God,why?because he was able to cure the patients or to raise the dead and here there is something very important to know that when he raised the dead to say few words,the man died again,that means Jesus was given the ability by HIS GOD to raise the dead for the purpose to make people believe of the life after death not for the purpose of gifting the life for the dead.He was also given other miracles from GOD for the purpose of making people believe in GOD not for the purpose of making him GOD himself which is the biggest crime that the human has ever made that GOD will never forgive ,so let those followers of the stupid idea that Jesus is the SON OF GOD or even he is GOD wake up before it is too late because the day of GOD will come and all of us will raise for judgement.
  15. Guest6336

    Being a Muslim we need to follow the things which are there in Quran the last book of Allah. And Quran explains all the truth that had been revealed and also the things which are there to come. Being a Muslim we follow all the messengers sent by Allah. Because they are all sent by the Almighty to different people in different times. Muslims also believe in Jesus as well as He is also the messenger sent by Allah.

    Christians of the preset time are not to be blamed about this fact because they are the one who are following the instructions being passed on to them. And in the original version of Bible it was mentioned that when the last messenger Muhammad (P.B.U.H) will be given the prophecy previous all religions have to follow Him. But they never did that and changed their own books to justify their words.

    Muslims are known with all these facts because Quran has never been changed and no one can actually change Quran. The responsibility of Quran and Kaba is with the Almighty who is creator of all living kind. So Christians should convert to Islam or otherwise they will be thrown to h**l.  

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