why i cant run iomega encryption utilities.exe file

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why i cant run iomega encryption utilities.exe file. Please help me to run that.

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  1. Guest1075

    The Iomega software is a System Test which provides help to know how fast digital audio can be recorded from your CD-ROM drive (when used as the source drive) to your CD-RW drive (when used as the destination drive). You will need to perform this test before you can burn CDs using the CD Copy function in HotBurn.

    Please use the following steps to run it on your system.

    • To run that you require a HotBurn programs compact computer disc or the computer software disc you conceived when you first ran the downloaded type of HotBurn prepare for the next steps.

    • Open the Iomega HotBurn software.

    • If your System Test has not been run before, the System Test computer display will automatically emerge and you will then require punching the Test button, else, you punch the HotBurn options button and select Run System Test.

    • Click Select, established in the layout window, and then select your CD-ROM drive from the register that appears.

    Note: Your CD-RW propel will emerge in the propel register even though it is not a CD-ROM only drive. This occurs because the System Test can check the digital audio extraction rate of mostcompact computer disc drives, encompassing CD-RW drives. If you have more than one CD-ROM propel, Iomega HotBurn can only check one propel at a time.

    • Click OK

    • Click the Test button. The scheme check will now inquire you for the initial Iomega HotBurn programs CD. Clean the programs compact computer disc if required to double-check that an accurate digital audio extraction rate is discovered while utilizing the CD.


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