why is my bushnell holosight draining the batteries when its off?

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Ive gone through 3 sets of "n" size batteries in two days now. I put brand new energizer batteries in it last night, turned it on with no blinking reticle and shut it off making sure it WAS off. This morning i tried the sight out and the reticle blinked telling me my batteries were low. It was shut off all night and the batteries are installed properly(just like the diagram on the bottom of the battery pack shows) and its eating through batteries when its off. I got this one used and im pretty sure i got ripped off. I don't want to have to send it out to bushnell only to have to wait a month and a half so i was going to see if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone would know how to fix it. Is there a way i can modify it to take a different kind of battery pack hard wired into the sight with an external circuit break switch? I realize that it may void the warranty but i would like to know if it could be done. Thanks everyone with your help and suggestions.

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  1. amomipais82
    The Bushnell Holosight and the Eotech use the same holographic technologies, and the Bushnells that look like the Eotech are made in America, in the same plant as the Eotechs. There are 2 styles of Bushnell Holosight now - the Eotech style, and the XLP, which is much more futuristic looking, and is made in Japan. The XLP is physically a completely different design, but still uses the same reticle. From a reticle perspective, there's very little difference between any of them except for max brightness.

    Essentially, the Eotech style Bushnell is a pre Rev F Eotech without the hood.

    Here are the key differences:

    - The Eotech uses their Rev F technology (starting in 2005), which greatly extends battery life and gives a much wider range of reticle brightness, including more brightness at the high end, and has improved buttons. The Bushnells use the pre-Rev F technology still, with shorter battery life and less brightness range. The Rev F Eotechs are marked with an F on the hood, but the hood can be replaced or changed easily, so this isn't always a good indication.

    - Battery life:
    Eotech N battery version - 200 hours at the 12 (of 20) setting
    Eotech AA version - 600 hours (alkaline), 1000 hours (lithium) at the 12 (of 20) setting.
    Bushnell N battery version - 40 hours life at the 12 (of 20) setting
    Bushnell AAA battery version (XLP) - 100 hours life at the 10 (of 15) setting

    There's no data I've found on battery life for the Eotech 553 that uses CR123 batteries, or on the Bushnell AA version.

    - The Eotech has a protective hood. The Eotech style Bushnell doesn't, and can't be retrofitted, though the hood is available as a replacement part through Eotech. The hood fits on a set of rails with tapped holes on the Eotech base that aren't there on the Bushnell. Both have encapsulated electronics for recoil and impact resistance. The Bushnell XLP has a hood built in to the design, but is not directly comparable to the Eotech design.

    - The 55X models of the Eotech have night vision compatible settings in addition to the regular settings. The 51X Eotechs and the Bushnells don't have this.

    - The 55X versions of the Eotech are waterproof to 33 feet, while the 51X versions and the Bushnell are waterproof to 10 feet.

    - The Eotechs are available using N or AA batteries, and the new 553 uses CR123 version. The Eotech style Bushnells are available using N batteries, and had an AA version that's not available in their current catalog. The Bushnell XLP models use AAA batteries.

    For all of them, if you use lithium batteries, you dramatically increase battery life, especially at low temperatures, but the low battery indication doesn't work with lithium batteries. Note that N batteries aren't generally available in lithium. Also, there have been a number of problems reported with N battery Eotechs draining the battery rapidly, even while off. The conventional wisdom is to use name brand batteries to help avoid this, but there's little hard data on this problem.

    Both brands have a 2 year warranty. Bushnell uses the manufacture date to determine the warranty period.

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