why is the xbox live not working with my cod

by Guest9673  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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why is the xbox live not working with my cod

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  1. Guest1984

    Hey my names Wez I live in Wales and was playing bops at 9:50am and then the server crashed I tryed untill now to sort it ,from internet connection to turning the box off .But then finally rang activition whos number now is 08455280269 the dude said there correcting the server .I got him to email me and keep me informed, after reading my email it said 3am the server should be up but I got my email from him at 6:36am dont know the time scale or if the server was ment to comeback within 10 mins if I'v worked that out correct. He also said dont worrie when it dose comeback if we experience i.e lag it'll be becouse of the amount of people trying to connect at the same time.

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