why no tv signal?

by Guest2307  |  13 years ago

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I have no signal on my TV. I have no idea to fix it. Please help me to improve TV signal!

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  1. Guest643

    Sometimes you face the problems of Picture break up, image freezing, or "no signal" which can create confusion or even depression for you. So you need to check following:

    • Your TV may not be getting enough signals to get a decent picture. Check your signal. Check the coverage of terrestrial television platform reception area. Your Antenna must be suitable for your TV. You must check your Antenna

    • Your cable connector can be the reason of interference. You need to check your wiring and replace your cable connector with the good one

    • You can lose the signal if you connect to multiple TV sets or connect through a lot of equipment. This could be another reason of losing signal. You should try a basic connection

    • Some time electrical devices such as a washing machine, cell phone or your central heating coming on, passing cars, or even street lights can interfere and can distort TV signal. You can get best results by fixing mains cabling, screening electrical interference or improving signal. These all could be very helpful.

    • Weather may also be the cause of reception

    • Transmitter may create hindrance in signal reception. You must check your Transmitter and fix it if require.

    Many problems can be fixed by checking the basics:

    • Make sure everything is connected correctly. Try a basic connection

    • Check your wires and verify all the cable connection All connected correctly? No faulty connectors?

    • Try resetting of your TV

    • Try rescanning for channels

    I hope this will be very helpful for you. Good Luck


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