will family tree maker 2006 run on windows 7

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I am running windows vista on my system and I want to upgrade to windows 7. I am curious to know that will family tree maker 2006 run on windows 7.

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  1. Guest9437

    I am unable to find details about Family Tree Maker® 2006, and then

    I am talking about compatibility details. The 2009 version seems promising

    however. But I got a good suggestion, depending on how much you want

    to spend on buying a new Windows® 7 copy. I suggest you buy Windows®

    7 Professional Edition, because, you’ll always save money on the long-run.

    So for the long-term buy Windows® 7 Professional, and there’s only one

    reason and it is this: In Windows® 7 Professional you can take advantage of

    the XP Mode feature.

    XP Mode is a new feature in Windows® 7, it allows you to virtually run

    Windows® XP based programs directly (integrated) into the Windows® 7

    Desktop environment. This is awesomeJ .

    You will NOT be able to use this feature in Windows® 7 Starter or

    Windows® 7 Home Premium.  

    The only Windows® 7 editions that support this are:

    Windows® 7 Professional

    Windows® 7 Ultimate

    Windows® 7 Enterprise

    I hope you find this information useful. If you need any further assistance,

    please feel free to contact me and let me know.

  2. Guest8632

    Most features on Family Tree Maker are unaffected by the newer versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista & Windows 7. However, certain aspects (like exporting a view, book, or tree to PDF) will not function without an important update for your copy of Family Tree Maker. This versions of Family Tree Maker is only supported in Vista or Windows 7, at 64 bit compatible.

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