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I am using windows home edition on my system and I want to replace windows xp logo with windows xp professional. I am wondering to know that can I change windows xp home logo.

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    Changing the Windows XP logo with Windows XP Professional logo is not a big deal. Anyone can do this if know the basics of it.

    Manufacturer logos and other contact information of Windows XP are located in the Windows system properties. You locate all these under the Windows XP logo. By following few simple steps you can replace current Windows XP logo the current logo with Windows XP Professional logo:

    Go to "My Computer" and Right-click on its icon located on your desktop. Her you need to select "Properties" to find the current logo.

    Draw your custom logo or Windows XP professional logo by using Adobe Photoshop or Windows Paint. Use the same shade which is used in the Properties dialog box for the background of your logo as it has RRB: 192, 192, and 192 respectively.  Logo with 180 width by 120 pixels high is an ideal size for your logo. But you can use other dimensions according to your desire. Save your new logo as a .bmp graphic file.

    Here you will copy the new image file to "c:\windows\system32" and give the name to the new graphic file "oemlogo.bmp."

    Now create a new text file in Notepad for your contact information. Save the file as "oeminfo.ini" to "c:\windows\systems32."

    Give your contact information as follows. General: Manufacturer=manufacturer or company name, Model=type your name here. Support Information: Line1=any information you would like to show up, Line 2=support Information, Line 3="", Line 4, "asdfjkl," Line5=company name, Lines 6 and 7=address, Line 8=phone number"

    Line 9=fax number, Line10="", Line11="" and Line12=""

    Here, again you need to save the contact information. Your contact information and new custom logo should now appear in the Properties dialog box.


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