would you wear a nylon overall ?

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would you wear a nylon overall ?

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  1. amomipais82
    Dickies Redhawk Knitted Nylon Overalls. An alternative overall from Dickies workwear popular with farmers and the agricultural workers of today with there hardwearing lightweight properties.


    Side elastication
    Self-fabric pockets
    Concealed stud front
    Chest pocket with stud fastening flap
    Side swing pockets with access slits
    Rule pocket on right leg seam
    100% nylon

  2. Guest589
    i wear a nylon overall as worn by ladies in the 60's,i do my housework in one and also clean for a couple who like me to wear them,i am a 50 year old male and just love them,i own about 250 different colours and styles but all nylon.
  3. Guest8693
    I wear one of my nylon overall housecoats every day. Most are gingham and check patterned, blues, brown, pink. Sleeveless,3/4 sleeve and long sleeve that I always roll up. Always wear my overalls over a denim skirt and blouse usually with my sleeves rolled up. I wear my overalls around the house, to do my cleaning job, to do the shopping, most of time actually. Haven't thought about it before, I just do it. I think my husband must like them because he doesn't tell me to take them off. My mother always wears one, always has done. I'm wearing my brown gingham one now,sleeves rolled up over a light denim skirt and light blue polyester blouse with the sleeves rolled up.
  4. Guest7602
    What is a nylon overall, protective workwear made of nylon? so what.
  5. Guest5545
    As a ladies hairdresser in a traditional salon I wear a nylon overall almost everyday.They are easy to wear ,easy to wash and dry and are very practical.
    Very often bleach or perming solution can destroy clothes and I find my nylon overalls a godsend.
    I have an assortment of different styles ,some with front zips and others with rear zips.
    I usually find them very comfortable over jeans or a denim skirt.My sister worked in a local stitching factory where they made overalls and I was lucky to get a good stock.
    Sadly they are not as easily available today but my sister can make copies of any of my favourites.
    My sister brought her five year old son over recently so that I could gie him a a pre school short back and sides and I inadvertently caped him and started with the clippers ,forgetting to put an overall on.
    He promptly stopped me and asked, "Auntie Helen why are you not wearing your uniform"
    Hows that for a vote for good old fashioned nylon overalls.
  6. Guest498

    To Guest20579445

    I'd love to have one or two nylon overalls made up, is that still possible?

  7. Guest4306


    Yes it is still possible to have nylon overalls made up.A company called Annie's Overalls make them up.You can google her.

    I get my sister to make me a couple every year.Perming lotion and setting lotion acids can badly stain and burn them.I prefer either front or rear zip with two front pockets for clips and bits and pieces.I may have some old ones which have been used but still have a bit of life in them.Mind you the pockets no matter how well washed usualy still harbour some hair clippings.

    They would still be useful for perming etc

    Nylon is so warm to wear especially at present.Wednesday is my main day for perms and I can tell you I was glad of my overall over my denim skirt and knee boots.We also still use nylon hair gowns as they are so easily washed and dried.I have few extra overalls sizes 12-14 if  thats any help.Some of which are new and never used.

    An older lady who worked for me as a shampooist retired and left a few back zip Beech Tree overalls which are a little large for me.I prefer a tighter fit whilst working.


  8. Guest1303

    would you wear nylon overalls .yes is the answer for 76% of the over 32s.we did a survey late last year which took aprox 7 week and spoke to well over 2000 people.people who had wore  nylon overalls in the past said if they were available off the self they would most definatly buy and wear them,people who were under 32 the pecentage was 48%as most of them hadnt wore them but said for factory and shop work they would like to wear them to protect there clothes.the under 32s said they would prefer the poly nylon tabard overalls probable because these type were widely availabe into late ninetys and had probably wore this type.when asked how many would you go out and buy if availabe the average was 4.i can see a buisness opertunity therefor some one or manufactures.please leave your comments too

  9. Guest7823

    To Guest 20579445. I've no idea whether this message will reach you but I just wanted to say your salon sounds fab, would love to have you do my hair in such traditional surroundings and with your lovely nylon overalls and capes. Best wishes :)

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