wtfreak is justin drew bieber's phone number

by Guest5589  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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his real phone number

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  1. Guest8766
    it is 4046653410 and if u want his cell prove it i no him personaly and dont tell him

  2. Guest7088
    oH YEAH I'm so sure that you know him!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was his girlfreind in 5th grade and I know his number its.... WHY WOULD I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!

                 -LEAH & JUSTIN BESTIES 4EVER-
  3. Guest43
    Well... i have gottin 3 numbers and they all say "sorry this number is not in service or sorry this number is not avabailable so please check ur number and try again" i want it soooo bad is is the HOOOOOTTTEEESSSTTT guy on the face of the EATH!!!!
  4. Guest8834
    OMG SEROISLEY YOU GUYS STOP MAKING UP CRAPP GET A LIFE you keep saying call me text me give me your number IT AINT GONNA WORK i would never do that DO YOU NO HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN PRANK CALL YOU and stop saying crapp like owww i am justin bieber and i am justin biebers girlfriend just leave the kid alone he probley already has a girlfriend and dont add demi lavato and justin bieber on facebook myspace msn and twitter because for all i no they are all pedifiles like seroisley i might say in a magazine this is justin biebers twitter BUT IT REALLY ISENT he wouldent have time he is way to busy with Paparatzi and photoshoots also makeing up songs i am a huge biber fan too but i wanna give the kid some space imagine you where him and someone gave the number to like HEAPS of people and every two secounds bring bring "ohh hi justin its me Lara yeah i just wanna let you no I LOVE YOU GIVE ME TICKETS TO YOUR NEXT CONCERT BE MY BOYFRIEND AHHHHH" i mean how annoying will that be so leave the kid alone and give HIM SOME DAM SPACE p.s. i love you Justin Bieber.
  5. Guest2908
    ppl get a life i know justin and he said that HE WONT GIVE OUT HIS NUMBER so all the numbers that you get frm ppl saying that its jbs number theyre just messing with you ok so hes at my house right now imma let him talk
    yo what up guys its yo boyy justinnn ok im srry to all my fans but i cant give out my number cuz there are ppl that ive given my number to and they have called me up in the middle of the night asking me if i will come to there house and have a bby with them.... now if i can somehow get to know you then maybe ill give it to you but 4 now the only ppl that can have my number is Caitlin Christian Ryan Chaz and Nikki my fav. gurl love ya Nikki
    and plz fans dont get mad about this here ill give you all my fan number incase you dont already have it its 404-665-3410 ok call me and then you can here all the news about me!!!!!!<3 godbless justinnn<3
  6. Guest970
    cnt blieve fans r going nuts jst 4 a single human beings no.i agree 2 d fact dat hes probably 2oooooooo bsy wit photo shoots nd stuff bt u gotta admit hes so cute dat evry1 will want his a fan too bt at least i dnt go crany 4 his no.if i were him id neva giv ma no.2 ma fns.PEACE
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