young stable couple looking to adopt baby in england or abroad

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we are looking to adopt a baby as it is now dangerous for me to get pregnant since having my two boys will be welcomed into a loving home please email me at please x

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  1. Mayor

    Hello everyone is nice to be here today and i wish to find the future i have been looking for,I am a single Mom of 4months a beautiful baby Boy with lack of care lost his father in a car accident when i was 3months for him since then life has not be the same for me with no parents or family members to run but by the help of some friends i was able to put to birth this baby and now is just too much for me to handle going around everyday bagging to feed a baby is not easy and i have make up my mine to give out the baby to a stable caring home i am not looking for any compensation all i need for him is a better future.and if some one can help me do that i will be very happy .feel free to contact me at ( y bless and

    thanks for your time


  2. Guest4056

    Hello dear ,

    my name is Grace , i am 23 year old and got pregnate and unable to take care , i wish to know if you are still interested in adopting a baby , if yes can contact or please can e-mail me back as soon as possible regarding our situation . e-mail me back at ( )

    thanks and best regard .

    Grace .

  3. Guest9286

    Hi, My Name Is Wendy And Age 23 years. I'm a nursing mother and single parent to the baby boy . I am disabled (crippled-ca​r accident) and Due to my inability condition , i myself incapable of holding on to the responsibilitie​s of raising up this child base on my financial stand , back-grown and my present condition . I'm here to get my baby boy a tenderly loving home and parents that will dedicate all his love , time and patience in raising this baby boy in a very loving environments​ . My baby boy is in good health , have good weights, playful and all medical reports are good. I'm healthy except of my disable condition , not a smoker nor an alcoholic . I love my baby boy very much , my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him  better than i can do . Please , i will be more than just being happy to bless your with my baby boy provided you are the type of family i want for him . Please contact me via . ­ Thanks

  4. Guest9972

    Hello there , my name is Sandra Deanne Rodriguez , am 21 years old ... I Am Looking for a Very Financially Stable Couple Willing To Adopt My 10 months old Baby boy , please you can e-mail me back at for more information and pictures of him .

    NB: Only serious and christian family should contact me please , i will be impatiently waiting for your reply ...


  5. Guest5610

    check here for cute babies both black and whites.


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