FIFA football world cup 2009

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Can i get some details on FIFA football world cup 2009? where is being held? what are the prizes etc?

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  1. Guest8571
    FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 (FIWC09) Grand Final will be held at Port Olympic in Barcelona, Spain on 2 May 2009. Qualifying events of the grand final will be held in countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Italy and the USA. Qualifying events begun in October 2008 and will continue until April 2009.
    The winner will receive a prize of USD 20,000 and an all-new KIA ‘Soul' car. For the first time in the tournament's history, the runner-up will receive USD 5,000, while the player in third place will be awarded USD 1,000.
    The presenting partners of this event along with FIFA are EA SPORTS™ and PLAYSTATION. This is one of the most highly anticipated event of the year.

  2. Guest5075
    wow! Cant wait for this :)
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