First period???? HELP PLEASE GIRLS

by Guest7027  |  10 years, 1 month(s) ago

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i had painful cramp 2 days ago but since then i have no sign of blood but i have thicker discharge!!! how long after your first cramp do you get your very first period?




  1. Guest5117
    same, answer us ladies

  2. Guest5662
    Well discharge can last for a while and you can get cramps whenever (it doesn't have to be because of your period.) So it's really a waiting game. Just keep pads with you. I know it won't be long because mine came only a week after what your describing. Hope this helped! :)
  3. Guest4704
    thank you my mum said its going to be soon to !!! :D
  4. Guest9045
    hello, I'm a mom of an 11 year old girl who might be having her first period.She hasn't been crying,hasn't been wanting chocolate but came to me a few minutes ago saying that when she wiped the front after going to the bathroom that she saw blood & was concerned. I checked her undies & sure enough there's a little blood stain. Comparing to my own experiences each month, I asked her about cramping & breast tenderness & she said yes to both. I'm trying as best I can to explain stuff to her about it myself but should I take her to our family dr on Monday to have them make sure it's her period & nothing else & maybe they can help explain to her more about it. I'm scared because this is my baby girl & I was hoping that I'd have another year or two at the latest before I had to talk to her about this issue. I also started mine at abt the same time so she evidently takes it up after me. Any help/advice greatly appreciated & thanks in advance
  5. Guest2489
    why dont u post that as a question instead as an answer the poor girl proberbly thought she had another asnwer .... :/
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