List of Top MBA Colleges of UPTU?

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Please give me the list of top MBA Collages affiliated with UPTU.

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  1. Guest7144

    Here is a complete list of top 20  MBA Colleges of UPTU:

     1. HBTI Kanpur

    2. IET Lucknow

    3. MMM Gorakhpur

    4. KNIT Sultanpur

    5. BIET Jhansi

    6. GLA Mathura

    7. KIET Ghaziabad

    8. Galgotia Ghaziabad

    9. JSS Noida

    10. RKGIT Ghaziabad

    11. IMS Ghaziabad

    12. BBD Lucknow

    13. A.K Garg Ghaziabad

    14. Ideal Inst. Ghaziabad

    15. IEC Gr. Noida

    16. Ramswaroop Lucknow

    17. GNIT Gr. Noida

    18. KIT Kanpur

    19. Inderprastha Ghaziabad

    20. HRIT Ghaziabad


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