What are common food allergies

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What are some common food allergies? I have been getting a rash on my forehead recently, little bumps all over it and I am wondering maybe if it’s from something I am eating.

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  1. Guest9745
    "The list of types of Food allergies mentioned in various sources includes: Peanut allergies - not common but often a severe reaction Tree nut allergies - e.g. walnuts Shellfish allergies - lobster, crayfish, shrimp, prawns, crabs, etc. Egg allergies Milk allergies - particularly in infants and young children Fish allergies Soy allergies - particularly in infants and young children Rice allergy - more common in Japan Codfish allergy - more common in Scandinavia Exercise-induced food allergy MSG allergy Sulfite allergy Egg allergy Shellfish allergy Shrimp allergy Crayfish allergy Lobster allergy Crab allergy Tree Nut allergy Walnut allergy Fish allergy Peanut allergy Milk allergy Cashew allergy Pineapple allergy Celery allergy and much much more."

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