What can we do about deforestation,erosion and pollution caused by tourists?

by Guest6901  |  8 years, 5 month(s) ago

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Please someone answer the question, it is really important and needs to be answered really soon. Thanks! :)

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  1. Guest7026
    HELP ME PLEASE! Thanks :)

  2. Guest2293
    Stop litter dropping on floors. Do not cut down trees, or if we cut trees down we can grow new ones.
  3. Guest3220
    I originally asked the question. Thanks a lot for answering it :)
  4. Guest6498

    While tourism is generally regarded as a good thing for the economy of whatever country that tourists visit, since they do spend money, it is also true that tourists have an environmental impact, and may cause damage to the scenic sites that they visit. Some people drop chewing gum or cigarette buts wherever

  5. Guest7665

     i don't know

  6. Guest2375

    stop littering the environment, stop cutting down trees

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