What will Pakistan And US do about Wikileaks?

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Pakistan and the United States have accepted not to sanction the leaked diplomatic twisted lines to cast a sheltered on their strategic partnership. In an effort at impairment command, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton phoned President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday to talk about the Wikileaks argument that seems to have rocked American diplomacy and bruised the public likeness of Pakistan’s peak political and infantry leadership. This is the first high-level communicate between the two nations since the WikiLeaks revelation that supply an unprecedented gaze at the grade of mistrust between Islamabad and Washington and America’s deep engagement in the country’s political affairs. Both the countries stand together against the wikileaks. WKileaks is damaging the image of relations between both the countries. what do you know about that?

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  1. Guest5482

     Truth has been revealed by the whistleblowing wikileaks, Pakistani leaders can simply reject these glaring truths as lies. While Americans have the power to paint black white, which they are highly skilled at.

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