What's on sarah palin calendar

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The most searched women for 2008 in UK Sarah Palin is now on sale.  Just so you don't forget about Sarah Palin the conservative group Human Events turns her into a calendar girl. The Sarah Palin 2009 wall calendar is on sale now to make your new year bright!

I'm sure Obama already order one to put on the wall in the white house.

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  1. Guest7812
    Sarah palin calendar could be a best seller in the UK but how would she look in bikini?

  2. Guest6618
    Well... its the best seller in UK not the other part of the world.
  3. Guest554
    Never heard of it in PK. Jazzy
  4. Guest2290
    i think Hillary is on page 3, Sarah and Hillary made up after the elections and are now bikini buddies
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