Who created Xavier school logo?

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Anybody know the person who created Xavier school logo.

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     The logo conceives takes off from the well renowned number of St. Francis Xavier bearing his cross. This likeness visually sets up the missionary function of Xavier School that has come to its 50th year milestone. The stylized number is the unifying component for the “XS 50” graphic which is made to emerge from the likeness by utilising a turnaround contradictory (or positive) in the very dark and white type and rendered in the school colors of azure (XS) and yellow gold (50) for the tinted version. The diagonal and up clear of the graphic evokes the dynamism of the school and its powerful firm promise in chasing its objective well into the future. Logo conceived by Joseph Gotinga ('94).

    Xavier School established in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines, is a personal Catholic school preparatory school for young men run by the Society of Jesus' Philippine Province. Its programs are both Chinese and Filipino in character.

    Founded in 1956 as Kuang Chi School by a assembly of Jesuits expelled from China, Kuang Chi School opened its doorways on June 6 of that year. Kuang Chi School was entitled after Paul Hsü Kuangchi, Minister of Rites throughout the Ming Dynasty. Xavier School actually bears the title of St. Francis Xavier, a Christian missionary and co-founder of the Society of Jesus. The school has lately resolved celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

    It is one of the couple of rudimentary learning organisations in the Philippines to obtain a 7-year accreditation, the longest likely period,[1] and one of the only three organisations to obtain the Level III accreditation for both the Grade School and the High School unit by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities. It obtained its fourteenth re-accreditation since, on November 24.

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