how did communism affect us

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how did communism affect us

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  1. paafamily
    communism was the cause of the civil war. In the middle of the WW1, Lenin was shipped into Russia by the germans in order to forment trouble. That was a very successful ploy because the war was more and more unpopular in Russia and Lenin exploited this discontent to gain popularity. A coup overthrew the Tsar (Lenin played no role) He then started a second revolt and overthrew the democratic government- which triggered the civil war.

    The communists wonthe civil war by a combination of terrorism, iron discipline and empty promises. They were also greatly aided by a bunch of foreign admirers- some of whom were in places of power in US, UK, France and Japan.

    One of the ways of enforcing communist rule was the extermiantion of whole populatons which were suspected of not enough enthusiasm. A prime example is the great famine in the Ukraine- caused by the confiscation of all grain by the government. The communists exported the grain and watched as over 5 milion people died of hunger

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