when my right contacts in my eye feels like somethings in it

by Guest9633  |  12 years, 5 month(s) ago

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hi.. when i put my left contact in it feels normal and doesnt hurt at all! where as.. when i put the right contact in it feels like somethings in it but i dont see anything when i look into my eye!!.. what does this mean? my eye(right) often turns red too.. my contacts were supposed to last 1 day but my doc said that they could last as long as u want if u take care of them.. which i often do.!!!

thank u

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  1. Guest9970
    The same thing happened with me, my contacts were supposed to last up to 2 months but after just one, it felt like there was something in my eye. Everything was better when I got new contacts. It could be that the contact in your right eye could be defective. Try replacing the contacts first and then trying a different brand. If that doesn't help then maybe you should use glasses instead of contacts.

    Hope it helps!

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