How SECP Monitor listed companies by enforcing corporate laws?

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I am a university student. I have been assigned a task regarding SECP. I want to know, How SECP Monitor listed companies by  enforcing corporate  laws?

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    SECP Monitor listed companies by  enforcing corporate  laws in the following manner. Moni tor ing  submit s s ion of   report t ing  require rement s  and  informat ion di sclosure  to as sure companies ’  conduct  according  to  rules  and regulations Conduct ing  rout ine  inspect ions  and  special investigate ions and by taking administrative action against  wrongdoers  
    Facilitating  inflow of  capital  by  permitting
    issue of   shares  otherwise  than  right ,  preference  shares  and  shares  at  a discount  
    Providing  relaxation of   requirements  of  
    Companies ( issue of  Capital )Rules ,  1996  to
    facilitate equity   issue by  way  of   right
    Initiating actions  against  wrongdoers through
    administrative proceedings Propos ing and/or  amending  rules  and regulations for authorization/operation/ internal  control  of  companies

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