Is it OK to be very publicly affectionate in high school?

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Many couples in my high school make out a lot in the hallway and my girlfriend is not shy at all so we kiss quite alot in the hallways, before school, after school, in the cafeteria, etc

My ex-girlfriend definately sees us around, which is the only thing slightly wierd. We were never that affectionate in school because she was shy about it, but my new girlfriend is comepletely the opposite - she loves making out and doesn't care if people are around

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  1. amomipais82
    Some say its the way we are but no one really tells how we got to be that way.

    While kissing may have been out of it but such subtle actions such as touching a woman's hair or putting a hand on her waist as you walk together are considered PDAs by Africans.

    In my neck-of-the-woods, you cannot touch a woman's hair unless you have paid her bride price (or she allows you to).

    I submit that the advent of Christianity actually did more damage to the African psyche than good.

    The European missionaries came here believing that Africans were some over-sexed savages who needed to be 'saved' and taught their own 'civilized' ways of living.

    Of course, most of them were trying to escape the debauchery that was going on in Europe.

    The result is what we see even today, where most Africans are not publicly affectionate due to a fear of censure, of judgment, of not being 'pure' enough to make heaven as the Missionaries taught them.

  2. Guest7895
    Sure, why not?

    There are many couples in my school that are very affectionate.

    There is one couple that probably French kisses for 1 to 2 minutes straight right outside the classroom in the hallway between classes! Probably too much for me, but if that's what they want to do that's up to them.
    My boyfriend walks me to class sometimes and we might make out and french kiss for 10 or 20 seconds, maybe more by my locker. There is a girl that sometimes says stuff to us, but I don't care, she's jealous
  3. Guest8105
    i like to make out with my boy at school or in public.
    :)i like to kiss him hes a fantastic kisser.
    so i dont think there is anything wrong with that.
    plus it shows people your together so back the f**k off this guy.(:
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