Times Square Security Tightened on New Year's Celebration 2011

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As hundreds of thousands of people prepared to gather in Times Square for the annual revelry at the "Crossroads of the World," New York City officials completed their preparation process: removing street furniture from the area (trash cans, mailboxes, newspaper racks); sealing 27- inch diameter, 197-pound manhole covers into their 395 pound frames; checking live camera feeds; and furnishing their command posts both on the scene and at police headquarters. They're also completing final duty rosters for the thousands of officers who will be on hand to keep revelers safe. What do you think, are these security measures enough? Will you be going to Times Square on New Year eve?

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  1. Guest5229

     Even with no recent threats reported, officials are not risking it. Times Square New Year revelers will be guarded by thousands of bomb-sniffing dogs, additional police personnel as well as radiation detectors. Authorities will watch over the Times Square New Year celebration through a camera network.

    According to Tammy Green, a tourist, the Big Apple, specifically Times Square was filled with security for the New Year.

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